What To Watch | July 6, 2013


It’s a Saturday morning (or afternoon for some) and you’re just getting into the groove of things. Unfortunately, morning cartoons just don’t do it for you so here’s some of our favorite videos from YouTube that should keep you entertained as you recover from your hangover, late night with friends, or while frying up some bacon!

Monster Energy launched this awesome video story of a “Driftpocalypse” whereby it is a cops vs. robber storyline only with two turbocharged Triumph Daytona bikes putting out 204 hp and a lawman chasing them in a 850 hp X2R. This may be fantasy land, but it’s awesome!

Drifting is awesome especially when it is a full party on the west end of Canada. The Drift Union Invitational was held over two days in Penticton, British Columbia is by the looks of it was more sideways fun than anyone could ever want.

In case you missed round 2 from the Drift Mania Canadian Championship in St- Eustache, Quebec, here’s a simple recap.

Cops can never seem to catch speeding bikes, especially if they’re going 299 km/hr like this rider. There’s nothing better than watching the reaction of police as they try to catch the speeder with their laser guns and are left with shock ‘n awe… enjoy!