Volvo 245 with 2JZ-GTE street drifting!


Volvo, a manufacturer known for their box-shaped cars with a high standard for safety equipment. Never in one’s mind would someone consider a Volvo to be cool in any way, shape or form until now. Bjorcks Busbil of Örebro, Sweden has been gaining much online fame with videos popping up of his old 1975 Volvo 245 smashing any competitor who even makes an attempt on the streets of IKEA’s home country. The thing about this Swedish box is that it truly defines the term “sleeper” in every regards. The car has spots of rust, a crummy paint job lacking its clear-coat shine, but the magic is under the hood. Busbil has masterfully shoehorned a Toyota Supra 2JZ-GTE engine into the Volvo and matted it to the Getrag 6-speed transmission. Thanks to a massive turbo and much massaging the car puts out a whopping 1,294rwhp (yes, you read that correctly) good for a 1/4-mile sprint of 8.82-seconds at 268km/hr!

In the video below, Busbil goes about the streets of Örebro, Sweden in his tame looking Volvo getting sideways at every opportunity he can get and finishes it off with some one-to-one with a Mk4 Supra. If you want to talk about some impressive project car, this is it!

Words: Giancarlo Pawelec