Underground Racing 2,027 RWHP Lamborghini Gallardo!


As a tribute to one of Underground Racing’s significant client and friend Ray Hofman who passed away recently, they have released this video of his insanely tuned Gallardo’s dyno run. According news reports, Hofman had an love for collecting vintage war planes and fast cars – like his twin turbocharged Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera. Unlike other Underground Racing builds, this V10 monster is packed with the Stage 3 Race Version (est. $120k+ build) that turns it into something mind-blowing. Other than the usual of a fully built block, massive twin Precision Turbochargers, and an AEM ECU, this white bull put down 2,207 horsepower to the wheels! There are plenty of other builds which are up there, but nothing quite like this. Bye bye Bugatti Veryon for a fraction of the price!

Video: Underground Racing