Two Novitec-Tuned Ferrari 458 Speciale Apertas Scream Through Monaco


In this day and age if you own a Ferrari like the 458 Speciale Aperta and never considered tweaked it, think again. The German tuner Novitec Rosso is no stranger to the prancing horse and has once again upped the benchmark on an already outstanding machine. With changes like the newly developed full exhaust system (with optional flap regulators), the once powerful 605-horsepower gets upwards of a 30hp gain! As if that’s not enough, the aero parts that can be fitted to the aggressively-styled Speciale Aperta offers infinite options for one to style their Italian pony.

During the 12th annual Top Marques Monaco event (April 16-19th, 2015), five of the 499 458 Speciale Aperta ever produced were spotted cruising on the famous road used during the Formula One Grand Prix, that leads into the tunnel. Only two of the Ferrari beauties are fitted with Novitec’s goods, but that doesn’t matter. What does matter is the intoxicating “Novitec” sound these V8-powered supercars produce! Turn up your speakers and enjoy the show.

Video: jorrie2