Sexy Jenni in a 1,250whp Underground Racing Lamborghini


Words: Giancarlo Pawelec
Video: Courtesy of YouTube

What’s better than a beautiful girl experiencing the wrath of a twin-turbo exotic? Nothing. This awesome  promo video produced by Underground Racing for the 4-day horsepower event known as TX2K12, held in Texas on March 15-18th, shows what happens when boost is felt from a passenger’s perspective.


The gorgeous model’s name in the passenger seat is Jenni and by the looks of it, she has no clue what she’s about to experience. Packed under the boot of this Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera is a modified V10 by the folks at Underground Racing (UR) that has been matted to a pair of turbochargers for a power output of 1,250whp (on C16 race fuel). According to UR, this stage 3 kit is the end all and be all of exotic tuning for the raging Italian bull and with a starting price of $89,000 USD for the kit, it is definitely intriguing for anyone with the coin and need for speed. Enjoy the video and a quick lesson in what G-forces do to a woman’s upper region – nice.

For $89,000 (USD) would you do the same to your Gallardo? For $89,000 (USD), I wonder if Jenni would be included in the test drive? Maybe not, just maybe.