One Man, Three Countries, and One JDM Miata!


Dylan Sharpe of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada is no stranger to the car scene, having spent the majority of his life behind the wheel as a drifting enthusiast and slinging parts through his shop. In the past month, Sharpe has done what most petrol heads dream of doing – taking an epic road trip cross country or in this case across three countries!

With only a few personal items and bags tucked into his small JDM (right-hand drive, Japanese version) Mazda Miata, Sharpe took to the road with one plan – to create a driving experience like no other. From driving across the massive nation of Canada to the west coast of United States all through California hitting iconic landmarks such as the Pacific Coast Highway and ending up in Las Vegas, Nevada for SEMA. His journey continued across the border into Mexico and upon his return into United States, he was detained at the border and searched thoroughly – latex gloves and all as in the movies. The entire journey had Sharpe clock just over 13,000 kilometers in his modified roadster and memories that will last a life time!

Stay tuned as we hope to get a more in-depth look at Sharpe’s epic road trip.

If you had a road trip course to scratch off your bucket list, where would it be? Post below and check out the video!

Video: mcmtv2