One-Hour Hot Lapping a LaFerrari FXX K at the Fiorano Test Track!


When Ferrari launched the LaFerrari people were taken back, partially because of the silly name – try saying it three times fast and you’ll know what I mean. Silly name aside, this hypercar is beyond extraordinary with its potent V12 engine paired to electric motors. Like with many of these prancing horses, a track-spec version had to be produced and as such came to be the FXX K – a 1,036 horsepower circuit monster. As if the power isn’t impressive enough, the new aero components and overall tweaks allow for 50% more downforce. Furthermore, this $3-million hypercar will be limited to only 40 units, oh which most have already been sold to Ferrari collectors around the world.

Just last week, Google executive Benjamin Sloss surprised his wife Christine with the ultimate birthday gift – a yellow Ferrari LaFerrari FXX K – to add to the existing collection. In a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, Christine had the opportunity to take out the yellow beast on the legendary Fiorano race track, Ferrari’s own backyard test track. With a video run time of over an hour and twenty minutes, Christine Sloss rips the hypercar through the corners with ease and opens the taps on the great sounding V12.

Turn up your speakers for this one, you won’t want to miss it!

Video: Testarossa Power