Moto3 Rider Niklas Ajo Saves A Near Crash And Finishes Race On His Knees!


Motorcycle racing is always a pleasure to watch, especially considering that both ends of the spectrum (victories and crashes) create spectacular footage. In a rare instance during the Moto3 Dutch Grand Prix this past Saturday at the TT Circuit Assen, one of the most awesome sights in motorcycle racing history shocked the world. Pro rider Niklas Ajo (running in 8th position during the incident) got a massive tank-slapper during the final lap and did the unthinkable – he recovered!

Not only did Ajo recover from what would have been a nasty spill on the track, but the way in which he did so was stunning. So as to not to make things worse with a wobbly motorcycle, Ajo kept on the throttle and remained on his knees hanging off the side of the bike as if it were a stunt show. Later on his Instagram account, Ajo stated that he “was able to lead the group until the last corner but pushed a bit too much there and finished like this.” Even with such an awesome save, Ajo was able to finish the race in 17th place… on his knees!