Moscow Drift


Words: Giancarlo Pawelec
Video: DragTimesInfo

What comes to mind when you think of street drifting? For most, it consists of the JDM vehicles going sideways and tire shredding all set in a beautiful Japanese background with cherry blossoms lying on the road – not Russia. The crew at DragTimes known mostly for their head-to-head video battles consisting of exotics drag racing on an airport landing strip got together with two Russian Drift Series pro drivers (Satyukov and Stepanyan) and made magic happen.

Unlike other drifting videos around the net, this Moscow Drift is perfectly packaged with great edits, shot angles, some special effects and a production score worthy of a Grammy… ok, not really. The video takes a more grassroots approach reminding me of the early days when drifting was found on the streets and inspired many enthusiasts (including me) to modify their rides and start practicing – even if it was illegal.

The setting takes place in the late evening around Moscow on what they call “blocked streets” but by the looks of it, that isn’t the case. Although they strongly discourage anyone from attempting such a feat (as does we can only do so much. After all, this is what has been happening in Japan since the mid 80s and has fueled a multi-billion dollar industry that we refer to as the aftermarket nowadays.

You’ve been warned… Now buckle up and enjoy!

Drivers (Team DragTimes): Evgeniy Satyukov and Geprgiy Stepanyan
Film crew: Andrey Veremeev, Arkadiy Drozdov, Egor Malinka, Oleg Kondakov, Jury Milaev, Valeriy Eremenko

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