The McLaren 675LT Is Unleashed On The Track


It has only been a handful of months since the global debut of the McLaren 675LT at the Geneva Motor Show and already track-test videos are surfacing. According to McLaren Automotive, this new model on their “Super Series” is the lightest (at 1,230kg), most powerful ( with 666 bhp @ 7,100 rpm) and the most track-oriented of the bunch. Everything that McLaren has learned since the launch of the MP4-12C to the more recent 650S has gone into this Long Tail (LT) version, including a complete overhaul of their infamous 3.8-litre V8 twin turbo engine. Nearly 50-perfect of the internals have been replaced and that’s just the engine alone. The 675LT is a limited edition model and deserves a proper welcome, at the race track.

Filmed at an undisclosed location, this Napier Green 675LT is unleashed showing the world its raw power and agility. The sound alone from its boosted V8 is intoxicating enough to want to sell one’s limbs for a chance behind the wheel, well sort of. McLaren has truly come a long way climbing up the supercar ranks and this new track-spec monster is sure to give the raging bull and prancing horse a scare. For now, be sure to turn up your speakers and enjoy this English devil dance on the racetrack!

Video: McLaren Automotive