The Insane Sound of the LibertyWalk Lamborghini Aventador Zero Fighter


By now LibertyWalk / LB-Performance is no stranger to the internet world, with many of their widebody aero kits surfacing all over – including here in Canada. With the recent addition of the Lamborghini Aventador to their demo fleet, they decided to create a unique concept made to resemble a fighter jet and calling it “Zero Fighter”. The fenders have rivets with an awesome airbrush detail to make them look worn down just as they would on a veteran fighter jet, the AirRex air ride suspension has the Lambo slammed, and the massive concave Forgiato wheels just finish everything off nicely.

If the already amazing look and attention to detail of this custom LB-Aventador isn’t enough to get you drooling, the sound from its fire-spitting straight exhaust from Frequency Intelligent of Taiwan surely will! It roars like no other and makes the already bad-ass 700hp V12 engine sound like a FormulaOne race car – no joke about that!

Video: Marchettino