Insane All-Carbon Audi RS6 at Top Marques Monaco 2016


Carbon fiber is the Holy Grail of material for a build to any automotive enthusiast. Everyone wants it in and on their car for its lightweight, incredible strength, and beautiful weave-patterned appearance. During the 13th edition of the Top Marques Monaco show, a German tuning company by the name of GP-Supercars (manufacturer of all things carbon) showcased their 200k € Audi RS6 Avant wagon.

At first glance, this super wagon just looks like every other slammed ride until closer inspection. The attention to detail on the carbon fiber weaves and panel fitment is incredible. Unfortunately this RS6 isn’t made out of CF pieces, but rather an overly on the existing panels. Regardless, it’s one mean machine and looks stunning on the showroom floor.

As if having CF all over the wagon isn’t enough to wow crowds, the team at GP-Supercars tuned the engine good for 742-horsepower and a sound that sends orgasmic shivers down one’s back thanks to a full Akrapovič exhaust system. Sadly, we will rarely (if ever) see this creation here – that is, unless someone has 200,000+ Euros to buy it.