Go-Karting in the Destiny USA Mall


Marketing schemes – we love them and you love them, but what does one do when trying to hype up a new mall opening? Mall founder Bob Conjel and his partner Bruce Kenan thought of a creative way using two electric powered go-karts which involved turning their beloved new mall (said to be the fifth-largest in the USA) into a road course of sorts. The go-karts were borrowed from Pole Position Raceway and took to the hallways of the mall flying past retail shops like Apple, Victoria’s Secret and various restaurants. The best part of this scheme is that the event took place during mall hours and patrons can be seen walking through the mall with a puzzled face as the karts zoom past them. Both karts were hooked up with various GoPros for the footage for which is awesome and includes some exploring of a closed down floor still under construction as well as private corridors. The mall is called Destiny USA and other than the sheer size of it which is amazing, it will also have an indoor go-kart race track – WIN + WIN!

Check out the video and post your thoughts! Are you itching as I am to jump on a go-kart and make my local mall into the most epic race track? I wonder how illegal it truly is…

Words: Giancarlo Pawelec