Delivery of the Ultra Rare Lamborghini Veneno!


Supercars are plentiful, hypercars are not. When Lamborghini unveiled their 50th anniversary celebratory creation in 2013 at the Geneva Motor Show, it made flash bulbs burst and everyone’s jaw drop – it was called the Veneno. Only three of these Aventador-based hypercars will be made available for sale, with the fourth being kept for the museum. Each Veneno will be offered in either white, green, or red trim accents and sprayed in a grey finish. Powering this ultra rare bull is a developmental 6.5-liter V12 found in the readily available Aventador which produces 750 horsepower and makes it capable of a 220 mph top speed! The price tag you ask? How about an insane $4.106,000 USD!

The owner of this Veneno (#2 of 4 total) is a lucky multi-millionaire named Kris Singh of Miami Beach, Florida, USA. One evening on January 20th, 2014 a flatbed truck arrives at his home along with Graham Hill (part owner of St. Louis Motorcars/Lamborghini St. Louis) and a film crew from duPont Registry to document the event. You would think that with what is said to be the highest price tag of any production vehicle in history, that the Veneno would get the white-glove treatment during the delivery, but surprisingly it does not. The flatbed drops this V12 monster off as if it were an ordinary tow, but what ensues after is drive to South Beach for some dinner between Singh and Hill, with the public able to gawk at this rare Italian creation.

If you want to know how one man goes from liking a car to purchasing it with such a heavy price tag and why the Veneno, watch the video below! 

Video: Daniel Jones