Death of a BMW E30


There have been endless #FAIL videos involving cars where the fault is more often than not found with the driver than the car itself. From tight corners in racing to idiots showing off and anything else humanly possible in way of stupidity with motorized vehicles. In the case of this video, an amateur drifter decides to show off his skills (or lack there of) by getting his E30-generation BMW sideways in what looks to be an open parking lot. The unfortunate thing is that the driver or his friends who were filming didn’t take into account the light posts scattered about resulting in a front-end wham-bam of the the poor little BMW. In the words of the videographer, “…there is no way that he just did that” – yes, yes he did.

So, what’s the lesson to be had from this video? Simple; take it to the track! You’re no different than the average Joe when it comes to driving skills and unless you plan on replacing your beloved daily driver anytime soon, keep the shenanigans to a confined space a la racing circuit! Sure many will comment that drifting began on the streets decades ago, but keep in mind that was also during a time when two global powers (USA and Russia) thought the other was going to nuke the world. Nowadays there are plenty of sanctioned events such as the Canadian Sport Compact Series and TOPP Drift Day that offer novice drivers a chance to get sideways in a safe environment while also able to get some tutorials from known local pro drifters. There’s no excuse for stupidity in public, although cases like these make for hilarious videos.

Words: Giancarlo Pawelec