Bentley Continental Supersport Sets Ice Speed Record


Words: Giancarlo Pawelec

What is there to say about big, overly luxurious sport coupes that pack a hefty punch? I love them! In particular, this Bentley Continental Supersport is evidence to the fact that you don’t always need a track-ready setup, carbon cladding and Justin Bieber sized wallet to set a benchmark in the automotive world. Yes it is true that these Bentley wings will set you back roughly $280,000 USD and a possibly more based on customized options, but it sure is well worth it for any enthusiast. Considering it is half the price of most hypercars, boasts supercar specs and still able to be a comfortable daily driver – it is a sure win-win-win!

Under the hood, the Continental Supersport’s powerplant is a Flexfuel V12 matted to twin turbochargers putting out 621bhp and capable of a 200mph (320km/h) top speed. According to Bentley, the Supersport’s V12 is the most powerful engine ever designed and produced by the company raising the performance bar for future generations.

Unlike the overly plush cockpit and ultra-luxury comfortable ride quality that Bentley is known for, the Continental Supersport has been tweaked in all facets in order to handle the additional grunt under the hood. The overall weight of the vehicle was reduced, suspension system lowered and a revamped all-wheel drive system added complimenting the 40:60 rear-biased power delivery to the wheels. The stellar engineering on this model proves is evident that Bentley got the formula spot on as retired World Rally Championship driver Juha Kankkunen proves by setting the 205.48mph (330.85km/h) ice speed record. Many congratulations to Bentley and the entire crew for this great achievement.

Now for the video that shows what the world’s fastest ultra luxury sports coupe is truly capable of, enjoy!

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