Audi R8 Burning on the Gardiner Expressway in Toronto


Earlier this week in Toronto on one of the most congested roads connecting the lower West End of the city to the East, an Audi R8 caught fire. The sub-$150,000 super car is Audi’s trophy car made of aluminum and composite materials as well as packing some serious power under the rear hatch in way of either a V8 or V10 depending on the generation.

It is uncertain as to what the cause of the fire was, but it appears to have began in the engine bay. Fire crews rushed to the scene, but were unable to save the R8 resulting in it a heap of smoldering metal and plastic once the flames were extinguished. Thankfully according to reports no one was injured during the car fire, just a poor Audi that has now gone to car heaven.

Check out the video and see another great super car life lost.

Words: Giancarlo Pawelec
Photo: Andrew Francis Wallace / Toronto Star