2,005hp Lamborghini Fireball at 250mph!


Once again the crew at Russia’s DragTimes have made headlines, although this time not by smashing any records, but rather in a fireball of glory. The car in question is an orange 2,005 horsepower twin turbo Lamborghini Gallardo LP570-4 that utilizes Underground Racing’s R2 kit and set the one-mile world record a few months ago with a 265.2 mph (426.7 km/h) pass at 21.852-seconds. This time around no world record was set (surprisingly), but what happened at the mile mark is jaw dropping. Just as the speeding boosted supercar reaches its top velocity of 402.86 km/h while passing the finish line, a huge burst of flames appears. It is unknown if such was due to a faulty oil line although it would most likely be the case. What follows is a a cloud of smoke billowing from the $300k Lamborghini at the end of the track as emergency crews rush to assist. The remarkable thing about the whole experience is not so much the speed of the run or even that the car burst into flames, but the driver’s reaction upon being towed back to the pits. Cool as a cucumber he shrugs his shoulders with fellow racers, lights a cigarette, and laughs it off as if it were nothing. I guess things like these are expected when pushing the engineering limits of a machine, despite the heavy price tag for repairs. You gotta pay to play, right?

See the video below and post your thoughts. What do you think happened?

Video: DragTimesInfo