TWM Performance 2008+ Mitsubishi Evolution X Short Shifter Kit


The Ultimate 2008+ Mitsubishi Evolution X Full Replacement Short Shifter

A brand new product for Mitsubishi’s Evolution X, TWM Performance has re-invented the short shifter. TWM’s all new short shifter features a unique full steel cage design, 30% throw reduction, 1.25 inch height reduction, and a 22% side-to-side reduction along with a slew of other impressive features.

When developing the short shifter, the first task at hand was to remove all flex and play from the OEM plastic shifter assembly. This was done through an all steel cage design that would completely replace the stock unit in the car. The short shifter’s steel construction resulted in a 100% increase in rigidity and virtually eliminated all flex that plagued the original plastic shifter. This made for a more accurate and precise gear selector on all fronts.

Now it was time for the R&D team at TWM to tackle the shifter’s fluidity. The goal was to make a short shifter that was precise and short, but was actually smoother and easier to use than the OEM unit. The solution to this was using ball bearing pivots in the side arm as well as a precision CNC machined center pivot cup. The combination of these two features makes for a seamless feeling shifter as you roar through the gates.

At this point, most companies would be content with a product that performs better than the competitors’ products, however the TWM Performance team saw room for further improvement. This came in the form of adjustability for the user; TWM implemented an adjustable spring system that allows the user to fine-tune the side-to-side spring-back-tension, ultimately letting you dial-in the perfect feel for your driving style. Finally, the engineers added one final touch; the option to select one of two predetermined heights for the short shifter, again allowing users the extra customization that we all so desperately seek.

The combination of TWM’s full steel replacement short shifter, the fluidity of the short shifter assembly, and the option to customize the gear selector to meet your specific preferences makes the TWM Performance full replacement short shifter for the Mitsubishi Evolution X a revolutionary new product.

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