TWM Performance 2006-2011 Honda Civic Short Shifter Kit


The Ultimate 2006-2011 Honda Civic Full Replacement Short Shifter

Are you looking to overhaul the shift feel of your car? TWM Performance’s full replacement Honda Civic short shifter offers a 45% throw reduction, 0.75 inch height reduction, and features a unique full steel construction. The result is a completely different shift feel; one that is more precise, accurate, and communicates perfectly with the driver.

The idea started as a simple conventional short shifter project. When the Development Team at TWM Performance cracked into the Civic test car, the amount of play that came from the OEM shifter unit was ungodly. The team saw room for huge improvement, so they went to work immediately.

First on the menu was an analysis of the OEM shifter assembly. The TWM Performance engineers discovered a large amount of play was coming from the plastic construction of the car’s original shifter. The designers were actually able to see the unit flexing under aggressive shifts. At this point the only option was to completely redesign the shifter assembly, which is exactly what TWM did.

Replaced by a full steel cage, the team at TWM had now eliminated virtually all signs of flex and play within the shifter, while improving the fluidity of the shifts through carefully machined Delrin bushings. The short shifter’s all new steel cage construction did a great job at reducing play, and increasing rigidity and precision, but the TWM Performance team felt they could tweak it further.

After careful analysis, the TWM team found additional play in the cable attachments on the transmission side, as well as the soft bushings attaching the base of the shifter assembly to the floor of the car. The cable connections were treated with TWM’s famous Cable Bushings made of Bronzoil; a metal alloy designed to self lubricate, yet hard enough to remove all play from the cables. Inside the cabin, the shifter unit was given the TWM treatment in the form of TWM’s solid aluminum Base Bushings.

The combination of TWM’s full steel replacement short shifter and the complete bushing kit resulted in a shifter that displayed incredible precision, accuracy, gave feedback to the driver, and improved on smoothness and the overall drivability of the vehicle.

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