Sunpro gears up with new addition to Style Line Triple gauge kits



Sunpro® slicks up its Style Line™ 2” Triple Gauge Kits with a sharp, modern panel design to give enthusiasts a more custom look for their dashboards.

The Triple Gauge Kits feature a trimmed lower panel and are available in with white or black dial faces. Sunpro’s white face Triple Gauge Kit (product number CP8300) offers a dramatic chrome bezel and the Style Line oil pressure gauge, water temperature gauge and voltmeter. The black face Triple Gauge Kit (product number CP8220) features a satin black bezel.

“Automotive enthusiasts will find Sunpro Style Line gauges draw inspiration from Sunpro’s 60-year history and legendary racing heritage,” says Jennifer Otto, product manager, Sunpro. “They deliver accuracy, reliability and good looks at a value price.”

Sunpro offers other performance system meters in the Style Line including:

  • Electrical Water/Oil Temperature (100°- 280° F range)
    (CP8201 in white and CP8211 in black)
  • Electrical Oil Pressure (0 – 100 psi range)
    (CP8202 in white and CP8212 in black)
  • Electrical Fuel Level (E – ¼ – ½ – ¾ – F range)
    (CP8209 in white and CP7583 in black)
  • Mechanical Vacuum/Boost (0’’ – 30’’ vacuum; 0 – 30 psi range)
    (CP8203 in white and CP8213 in black)
  • Mechanical Oil Pressure (0 – 100 psi range)
    (CP8206 in white and CP8216 in black)
  • Mechanical Water/Oil Temperature (100°-250°F range)
    (CP8207 in white and CP8217 in black)
  • Voltmeter (8 – 18 volt range) (CP8205 in white and CP8215 in black)
  • Ammeter (60 – 0 – 60 amp range) (CP8204 in white an CP8214 in black)

Another Style Line product Sunpro offers is an electrical air/fuel ratio gauge (CP8200 in white and CP8210 in black) to protect engines under hard acceleration. Specially designed for today’s fuel injected engines, the Sunpro air/fuel ratio gauges easily connect to the oxygen sensor to monitor if the engine is running rich or lean. Bright LEDs and internal lighting readily indicate the engine’s status and make the gauge easy to read at night.

To assist customers, Sunpro maintains a support center staffed by ASE-certified technicians to answer product questions – from proper use and installation to gauge calibration. The support center can be contacted at 800.228.7667, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. (EST).

To view Sunpro Style Line gauges online, go to:

Sunpro Style Line gauges can be purchased from leading automotive parts stores. For a location near you, visit and select the “Where to Buy” link.