HP SMB Storage Certification Exam – the HP2-K24


Technical sales is a field in which professional credentials, particularly product specific certifications, are quite valuable. These types of professional development opportunities make you more competitive in your field and help you set yourself apart as the resident expert at your organization or as the go to person for your consultancy group. Either way, earning an HP certification through the completion of the HP2-K24 exam, the “Selling HP SMB Storage” test, expands your area of expertise and brings you focused client inquiries related to the SMB platform.

The HP HP2-K24 exam is a 60-minute test that features only 40 questions, but requires you achieve a minimum of 70 percent to pass the test. Because the exam is short, both in terms of allotted time for completion and in the number of questions that appear on the test, you must really know the materials before sitting for your test in order to ensure a passing score.

HP recommends no less than six months experience selling SMB Storage solutions, as well as targeted training and study prior to taking the HP2-K24 exam. You can also increase your competency level and knowledge retention by utilizing self study materials, tutorials and practice exams from providers like TestsLive.com, for example.

The HP2-K24 exam features questions in just five primary sections. The largest concentration of questions on the exam appears in the “business differentiators” section. This section encompasses topics like addressing modernization of storage for business enterprises and addressing virtualization, business protection and Windows-specific concerns through storage solution selection and integration.