DEI Introduces T25/T28 Titanium Turbo Shield



DEI Introduces T25/T28 Titanium™ Turbo Shield with LR™ Technology

Boosts HP – Manages Turbo Heat with Titanium – like Strength and Durability

AVON LAKE, OHIO (APRIL 5, 2011) – Turbochargers generate a lot of heat and without protection and can potentially affect under-the-hood components and overall turbo performance.   Now there is a way to manage excessive turbo heat in the turbine housing and related radiant heat under the hood with DEI’s new T25/T28 Titanium™ Turbo Shield with LR™ Technology.  Much like DEI’s T3, T4, and T6 shields, the T25/T28 handles direct continuous heat in the turbine up to 1800°F (980°C), and up to 2500°F (1370°C) of radiant heat.  The T25/T28 Titanium Turbo Shield combines two highly effective insulators – pulverized lava rock, extruded into fibers then woven into a tight weave, and high temperature rated silica insulation padding, to provide the ultimate protection against extreme heat.

This improvement in under-hood thermal management helps keep more heat inside the turbo to assist in faster spool-up while reducing radiant temperature. The result is cooler air intake temperatures for improved performance and a boost in horsepower.  Less heat circulating in the engine bay also means reducing the chances of “heat soak” conditions on vital under-hood components. The T25/T28 Turbo Shield’s ability to reduce under-hood temperature also assists in eliminating heat transfer to a vehicle’s interior for overall ride comfort.

Custom engineered to fit the T25 and other OEM turbos with integral wastegates, the new T25/T28 Turbo Shield supports a multitude of applications neglected by other manufactures.  Anchoring hooks have been incorporated and strategically located on the shield as a way for fastening it securely to the turbine housing.  The T25/T28 Turbo Shield has a cool carbon fiber look, and is sold separately or as a kit that includes a 2 inch wide by 15 foot roll of Titanium down pipe wrap, two 14 inch stainless steel locking ties, and 5 feet of fastening wire.  Everything is included for a quick and simple install.

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