Marie Pier C. St Jean


The Specs


Date of Birth: June 18, 1988
Montréal, Quebec, Canada
Height: 5’7″
105 lbs

Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Sense of humor and a great personality is all I need
Facebook (Fanpage):
Facebook-Marie Pier C. St Jean

AMF: Where are you from? Where are you currently living?

I’m from Montreal and I’m still living here!

AMF: How long have you been modeling for?
– 5 years

AMF: How did you start modeling?
– On the street. Someone from a modeling agency gave me her card and I decided to try immediately!

AMF: What would you say separates you from other models?
– I am a huge sports fan, especially hockey. I also listen to heavy metal music. I may not look like that, but my favorite artist is Marilyn Manson!

AMF: What are some of your best achievements thus far?
– In my career, my biggest achievement is to work as a freelance model all around Canada and United States for the past 5 years! It’s a dream come true!

AMF: What do you like or dislike about modeling?
– I like the fact that it is not a 9 to 5 job, you never get into a routine. There are always new challenges to accomplish

AMF: What is your best modeling secret?
I think that confidence and determination are the secrets to be successful in the modeling industry.

AMF: What is the best modeling project that you’ve done?
– My favorite contract was to represent Push Models in Las Vegas last year I had a fantastic trip!!

AMF: What is the strangest modeling project that you’ve done?
The strangest one was a photo shoot where I had to wear a gas mask and carry guns and swords.

AMF: What would you say is your best physical feature?
– I would say my legs!

AMF: What do you like to do outside of modeling?
– Sports, movies and video games!

AMF: What is your dream car and why?
– A 2011 Nissan Skyline GT-R… Oh yeah!

AMF: What do you like about the industry / scene and why?
– I like to work on my own, to be a businesswoman. I like the fact that I negotiate my own contracts!

AMF: What do you dislike about the industry / scene and why?
I hate the creepy men that hunt my Facebook… Ugh LOL!

AMF: What is the most memorable modeling experience and why?
– My most memorable experience was when I did my first commercial for L’Oreal

AMF: Having success as a model (like anything) comes with a price, what was yours?
Wow no idea!

AMF: What advice would you give out to aspiring models?
– Stay in shape, be confident and never give up!

AMF: Shout outs or last words?
– Become a fan on my Facebook page!

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  1. Marie pier she is the most talentual and most beautiful as a model in is branch so far,you can see that she have experience and love her job every day,i know her since almost 2 years as a Facebook friend and since then i encourage her to do what she do the best every day,she got carism,good sens of humor,beautiful,kindness and the last one she is a good friend,so marie pier congrats of what you had accomplish so far ,well done and continue this way. BRAVO!!!! Xxxxxxxx