Import Fest 2011 – Montreal


Words & Photos: Giancarlo Pawelec

Import Fest 2011 – Montreal (Models)
Place Bonaventure
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
October 1st, 2011

Like models? We do too! Import Fest Montreal not only had the hottest cars, but also the hottest models at any show that I’ve been to throughout my career. It could be the water or diet that makes these Montreal French-Canadian women so naturally beautiful – truly, it’s one or both. Then again, it could be that European blood line which we all admire. Even the ladies attending the show with their significant other were gorgeous – enough to make any photographer want to photograph them too! Regardless, here’s a glimpse of the lovely models from Import Fest 2011 – Montreal… Enjoy!

How about a little duo pic of the ladies? Blonde or brunette, which is your pic? Short hair or long?

Ms. Corissa Furr aka Ms. Import Fest Montreal glamorous as ever! Gotta love her signature look and that brunette / blue eyed combination. *Drool*

How about these 12 gorgeous ladies? Can you name them all? Try… We double dog dare you!

The always stunning Ms. Lisa from! What is there not to love about her? Great eyes, full lips, a sharp hair cut and a face / body that screams to be photographed. I know that most photographers at Import Fest went ga-ga over her and we appreciate the love that she brings!

How about a line up of gorgeous faces starting with Ms. Marina Victoria and going down the line. Brunette, blonde, redhead… have your pick! Which is your favourite?

The cute Christina rocking a nice airbrushing body paint suit for Scion. If I were to imagine Amazon women, this would be what they look like!

Lovely models posing in the SONY booth including feature model Ms. Marina Victoria. I wonder what they’re listening to?

The gorgeous French-blonde model from DAI Alloys in the Import Fest photo studio. I’m guessing she’s a nice mix of Polish with Sexy… any thoughts?

The always beautiful Jile Cai striking a pose in the Yokohama booth! Gotta love the dominatrix-fetish outfit she’s got going on, very sexy in a dark way!

Which is your fav model? Which is your fav pic? Let us know and be sure to share the love!

Be sure to check back throughout the week for daily updates from Import Fest 2011 – Montreal – including exclusive model coverage!

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