Brit Bliss


The Specs

Date of Birth: March 22nd
Tacoma, Washington, USA
110 lbs

Zodiac Sign: Aries
Intelligence, humor, and confidence
Bad hygiene and close-mindedness
Twitter: @BritBliss

The Interview

AMF: Where are you from? Where are you currently living?

– I lived in Ohio before I moved to Tacoma. I’ve been here for about a year now.

AMF: How long have you been modeling for?

– I’ve been modeling for eight years.

AMF: How did you start modeling?
– I started because I saw an opportunity to shoot when I was in high school. It was out of the realm for me as far as “norms” are considered, so I did it.

AMF: What would you say separates you from other models?
– I’m unique mostly for my appearance. I’m mixed, a mutt of European with some African & Native American. I also am super nerdy. That’s who I have always been. Right now, I’m reading about HTML5/CSS3/Javascript & am pumped to beta test for the Star Wars: The Old Republic 1.5 patch in an hour.

AMF: What are some of your best achievements thus far?
– I’ve been seen multiple times in Maxim Magazine, as well as being featured online. I’ve been featured online with Maxim UK, too! I also had a page in FIGHT! Magazine a couple months ago. Furthermore, I just won the title of Miss COED September 2012, courtesy of my awesome fans.

AMF: What do you like or dislike about modeling?
– I love meeting new people and the traveling. It’s great to see new places and meet new people you never would have encountered – it’s enriching.

AMF: What is your best modeling secret?
– Don’t be fake or a flake. It looks really bad when you have a horrible attitude. People talk and those things will get out about you.

AMF: What is the best modeling project that you’ve done?
– Maxim, definitely. I got to fly to New York to shoot with Kelly Stuart. The whole crew was amazing, but she held my hand through the whole thing and got my name out there… I owe a lot to her.

AMF: What is the strangest modeling project that you’ve done?
– I did a poster shoot for an independent movie. I’m not sure what happened to it, but my role was a homicidal / suicidal chic – It was odd.

AMF: What would you say is your best physical feature?
– My eyes or my butt. They both get a lot of attention.

AMF: What do you like to do outside of modeling?
– I game… a lot. I also do a lot of cooking. I have an inner fat kid that just hasn’t come out yet.

AMF: What is your dream car and why?
– I want one the new Camaros. I had two when I was in high school and college, a ‘96 & a ‘98. I loved them. The interior of the new ones are just so perfectly minimalist and the outside is pretty nice too! Plus, you gotta love what’s under the hood.

AMF: What do you like about the industry / scene and why?
– I love the vibe. Mostly everyone on a professional level is pretty laid back. It’s nice to work with people that aren’t up-tight all the time.

AMF: What do you dislike about the industry / scene and why?
– I dislike that there are so many people out there pretending to be legitimate. It makes it difficult to trust things unless it comes out of your agent’s mouth.

AMF: What is the most memorable modeling experience and why?

– Maxim, again. It was perfect. The weather was awesome, the crew was great, and the images were amazing. It doesn’t get much better than that and I can’t wait to have another experience like it.

AMF: Having success as a model (like anything) comes with a price, what was yours?
– It comes with the knowledge of the moment itself. You find yourself comparing everything you’re doing & have done to that instance.

AMF: What advice would you give out to aspiring models?
– Don’t stop and don’t give up. You may have people that don’t believe in you, but it’s your life. If you love it, don’t let people take you down.

AMF: Shout outs or last words?
– I just want to say thank you to my amazing fans. You guys have done so much for me and I wouldn’t be where I am if you guys didn’t want to look at me! 🙂

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  1. I really think you’re one of the prettiest models in the business. Awesome pictures – classy, cute and with tones of style.
    Hope everything goes well in you career. I wish you lots of success!