Aubrey Nicole


The Specs

Date of Birth: April 14th, 1992
Western Massachusetts, USA
Height: 5’6’’
135 lbs

Zodiac Sign: Aries
Confidence, broad shoulders, humor, respect
Smokers, over achievers, dirtiness
None yet!

The Interview

AMF: Where are you from? Where are you currently living?
– I was born and raised in Western Massachusetts.

AMF: How long have you been modeling for?
– Just about 9 months now!

AMF: How did you start modeling?
– I was actually just helping a friend with a photography portfolio that was going to school at the Hallmark Institute.

AMF: What would you say separates you from other models?
– My personality by far. I’ve met so many snooty model type girls and I’m just goofy friendly Aubrey and I think that shows in my images.

AMF: What are some of your best achievements thus far?
– I have managed to be in four internationally distributed calendars for 2013.

AMF: What do you like or dislike about modeling?
– I love the adventures and allure of the new people and places and fun products I get to use and take home.  I don’t like some of the shallow people I run into though and its hard work trying to look good before a shoot, I always over stress it!

AMF: What is your best modeling secret?
– It’s simple, have fun, and be comfortable with yourself. That’s how things come out best!

AMF: What is the best modeling project that you’ve done?
– I would have to say it was going to the Bahamas to shoot for a calendar. I met so many wonderful girls and photographers, and had one hell of a time.

AMF: What is the strangest modeling project that you’ve done?
– I can’t say I’ve done too many strange ones. Guess I’m dull! ;P

AMF: What would you say is your best physical feature?
– I like my eyes and my hips (pear shape).

AMF: What do you like to do outside of modeling?
– I am in nursing school right now, I also enjoy art, photography, and I love cars… Especially fast loud ones. I mean, who doesn’t? 😉

AMF: What is your dream car and why?
– Ooh I would love to rip around in one of the new EVOs the suspension in those things is tight!

AMF: What do you like about the industry / scene and why?
– I really just love the people. Especially in the car modeling or import modeling scene. Seeing what people make themselves is always nothing short of amazing.

AMF: What do you dislike about the industry / scene and why?
– The only thing I dislike about it is the occasional creeps you run into or people who are lewd.

AMF: What is the most memorable modeling experience and why?
– My most memorable experience was at a car show, for the first time when someone came up to me and recognized me and asked to take a picture with me.  I was shocked and uber flattered.

AMF: Having success as a model (like anything) comes with a price, what was yours?
– Time and peace of mind I would have to say. You got to have thick skin in this industry.

AMF: What advice would you give out to aspiring models?
– Don’t stop! There are always going to be lots of no’s. I can’t tell you how many no’s I got when I was first starting out and I kept pushing and bettering myself and slowly but surely they are giving me second looks and changing their minds!

AMF: Shout outs or last words?
– Love peace and leg grease!