Annalee Belle


The Specs

Date of Birth: September 7th
Location: Amarillo, Texas, USA
Height: 5’7”
Weight: 130 lbs
Measurements: 34-27-37

Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Ethnicity: White / Mexican
Turn-ons: Being in shape.
Turn-offs: Cockiness, bad hygiene, hair extensions showing on the scalp. 😉
Twitter: @annalee_belle
Instagram: @annaleebelle

Annalee Belle (THUMBNAIL) 2

The Interview

AMF: Where are you from? Where are you currently living?
– I’m from Amarillo, Texas and currently living out of my suitcase. Lol. Mostly in Albuquerque, Denvo, and Las Vegas.

AMF: How long have you been modeling for?
– I’ve been modeling for about 4 years.

AMF: How did you start modeling?
– I started modeling for Toxic Kitten Clothing.

Annalee Belle (THUMBNAIL) 3

AMF: What would you say separates you from other models?
– I think the fact that I’m in shape separates me quite a bit, at least when it comes to working with people. Photographers often compliment me on being toned and say I’m pretty easy to edit.

AMF: What are some of your best achievements thus far?
– My best achievements so far, in my opinion, are the fact that I have 3 successful businesses – makeup/hair styling, modeling, and photography. It’s hard to continually try to improve on all 3, but I love what I do so I push myself.

AMF: What do you like or dislike about modeling?
– I love the entire creative process. Since I also am a stylist and photographer, I really appreciate all ends of a shoot and I love collaborating with a good team.

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AMF: What is your best modeling secret?
– Food. You are what you eat!

AMF: What is the best modeling project that you’ve done?
– Gosh, there have been so many that I enjoyed, I don’t think I can narrow it down to just one.

AMF: What is the strangest modeling project that you’ve done?
–  Strangest modeling project would probably be doing freeze fetish work.

Annalee Belle (THUMBNAIL) 5

AMF: What would you say is your best physical feature?
– I think my badon-ka-donk is pretty nice.

AMF: What do you like to do outside of modeling?
– I love working out, playing with my cat, dog, and chinchilla, traveling, and eating almost anything.

AMF: What is your dream car and why?
– My dream car is a VW bus. I’ve wanted one since I was a teenager. They’re so funky! I’d love to have one complete with shag carpet and a mini couch.

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AMF: What do you like about the industry / scene and why?
– I really like meeting like-minded people and making new friends.

AMF: What do you dislike about the industry / scene and why?
– I dislike the fact that a lot of magazines out there want to use your photos for free and ask you not to post them until they use them, even if it’s six months plus before they do.

AMF: What is the most memorable modeling experience and why?
– My most memorable experience is happening right now. I’m in London with Cervena Fox and having a blast. I went to Torture Garden for my birthday, had some great food, have seen a lot of new places, and met some great people.

Annalee Belle (THUMBNAIL) 7

AMF: Having success as a model (like anything) comes with a price, what was yours?
– My soul. Haha!, Just kidding. 😉 My price is keeping my body in shape. It’s really hard to stay fit when I’m on the road all the time. I finally got a pretty good routine though; it’s just a little expensive having to go to a grocery store every day.

AMF: What advice would you give out to aspiring models?
– Put in all the effort you can. If you’re just starting out, don’t be too proud to pay for a photoshoot that you think will really benefit you. That includes paying for makeup/hair/wardrobe. It really makes a difference to have a solid port. Quality over quantity! Also, DON’T BE A DIVA. Reputation goes a long way in this industry.

AMF: Shout outs or last words?
– Shout out to PG Photography for a little bit of everything. Mentoring with photography, giving me the opportunity to do a lot of makeup for publications, and of course, some killer modeling images!