Saturday, March 24, 2018


Ashley M Lands

Like a ray of sunshine from Orlando, Florida, this beauty is sweeping up the model world. Starting off as a car model at shows, her career has taken her everywhere and there's no sign of stopping...

Sydney Maler

Curvy and accomplished or is it the other way around? This 5'7" beauty hails from sunny San Diego and has a stunning mix of Italian, German, Polish, and Irish. We get down to the nitty-gritty about her rise in modeling including landing in Maxim...

Melissa Lori

We featured this 5'1" beauty back in May 2013 and since then she's had much success including a feature in Playboy. See what's changed in her life and get a taste of her new look...

Miranda Lee

Fire-red hair, a perfectly fit body, and a go-getter attitude is what sets this Canadian bombshell apart from the rest!

Barbara Desiree

Mix one part beauty and one part determination, what you have is this stunning 5'5" brunette that will make your heart skip a beat...

Kacey Anne

Petite in size, this smoking Arizona beauty is no stranger to the modeling world. With much determination to succeed as an 'all natural' girl, there's not much stopping this sexy Taurus...

Elizabeth Ess

If the words tall, Polish-Canadian, and blonde put a smile on your face than this beauty is everything you could ask for!

Bree Leigh

There truly is nothing more exotic than a brunette with light eyes and this Virgo doesn't disappoint. Smashing looks and a humble at heart, keep an eye out for this Canadian beauty...
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