Tech Review: The S100i Ferrari Scuderia Collection by Logic3


Ferrari has always been a company with a strong brand identity. The instantly recognizable prancing horse emblem tells you that you’re looking at a finely tuned premium product. But when the prancing horse leaves its wheels behind, and finds its way onto fashion and tech accessories, does the Ferrari brand still shine through? That’s what we were determined to find out when Logic3 sent us their S100i Ferrari Scuderia-themed ear bud headphones.

The S100i Ferrari Scuderia Collection by Logic3 - 72dpi-3

One look at the extensive packaging is enough for us to know we’re dealing with a high-priced product, and our research confirmed our suspicions – the price of the headphones is around $200, but you don’t only get the ear buds. The Scuderia headphones come with interchangeable ear bud covers to suit even the most oblong of ear shapes. Both the headphones and ear bud accessories fit neatly into the included case, which is styled to look like carbon fiber and features the Ferrari badge prominently on the front. Also included in true Ferrari fashion is a certificate of authenticity.

The S100i Ferrari Scuderia Collection by Logic3 - 72dpi-9

The appearance of the headphones themselves echoes the Ferrari Scuderia livery in every way. The silver mesh on the outside of the ear buds takes its inspiration from Ferrari Scuderia body design, as well as the grille used in the Ferrari GT cars. On top of the mesh sits the proud prancing horse. Available in Ferrari red or a crisp white, the headphones are clearly meant to be seen as well as heard – sort of like a real Ferrari.

The S100i Ferrari Scuderia Collection by Logic3 - 72dpi-10

In the interest of user convenience, Logic3 uses a woven cable as opposed to the standard rubber-tube style cord to prevent it from tangling. This is easily the most handy feature of any headphones, and in our opinion, should be used on any ear bud headphones on the market, especially those sold in cold climates. About halfway up the cable sits the ‘controls’ for the headphones, a simple push button volume control, a pause/skip button, and a microphone for hands-free use with a cellphone.

The S100i Ferrari Scuderia Collection by Logic3 - 72dpi-12

As far as sound quality goes, the headphones scored an 8/10 with us. The noise isolation feature is really nice for listening in crowded areas and it’s easy to tell that the speakers are well crafted. High notes and heavy-treble sound superb and crisp, but the bass leaves something to be desired. It’s not that there isn’t enough bass for the style of headphone (ear buds can only handle so much), but rather that the design of the headphones is intended to produce deeper bass that the headphones aren’t really made for. At high volumes in bass-heavy songs, a lot of the details in the sounds is lost in the bass boost. That said, when you’re listening at a moderate volume, the headphones deliver.

The S100i Ferrari Scuderia Collection by Logic3 - 72dpi-8

Overall, the headphones are great, but I just find it difficult to justify their price point. I suppose that follows the theme of the product in some way. They really are the Ferrari of headphones – they’re loud, they’re made to be seen, and they cost a little bit more than they’re probably worth. Considering they are sold in Ferrari showrooms around the world, we’d expect nothing less.

RATING: 8/10

For more information please visit Logic3 and to purchase visit the Ferrari Store