Z Stanced: 2012 Nissan 370Z


While everyone was enjoying the long weekend, I decided to pay a visit to my good friend Mike since he recently finished “ruining” his Nissan 370Z. Now for those who remember Mike’s car from Fitted, you know he had his plates pulled for being too low and having too much camber.


After the Fitted show, Mike decided that he wanted to go even more over the top with his build. The massive make-over would include a new set of beautiful AG wheels, Air Lift Company air ride suspension, a colour change, and a serious amount of cutting to make the wheels fit (when aired-out) without ripping the bumpers off.


A common dispute that happens when photos of a “stanced” car are released is that these cars aren’t functional, they’re dangerous, etc. I do agree that for daily driving stance is not something I would recommend, however in this case it is a show car – although Mike likes driving it around town from time to time.


Thankfully, I’ve had the pleasure of riding shotgun and cruising around in it and think that many are under the false pretense that because a car has a lot of camber, it’s unsafe and shouldn’t be on the road. Weather permitting, driving a stanced car on the roads isn’t any different than vintage British car. In the end, if Mike’s wish is to do so… then so be it.


What appeals to me most about this build are the tiny imperfections that have happened to the car, such as a crinkle in the fender or some peeled wrap that have happened whilst being driven. Even more amazing is Mike’s reaction, “Dude I honestly don’t give a sh*t. What’s the point of buying a car, building it to how it is now, only to baby it around. It’s my car and yeah I drive it like it’s my daily (car). The way I see it is, if something breaks it gives me another reason to work on my car and that’s one of my favorite things to do!”


Even as we were shooting, one of the elastics that connect his bumper broke off and we lost it somewhere on the road… it’s just a part of the hobby. After a long day of driving and bouncing around in probably one of the nicest cars I’ve shot to date, my favorite moment occurred when leaving the photoshoot spot.

IMG_6742 amf

I looked at Mike with a serious face and said, “Dude what if you did a burnout? I think the internet would go nuts.” His response was simple, “F*ck yeah man, lets hurt some peoples feelings!” We arrived at a secluded area and thus began the longest 2-minutes of my life, both our hearts were racing, it was a mixture of being nervous and fear. As soon as he dumped the clutch all I saw was the most intense burnout ever, the car hooked right away and started to go sideways.


What I learned from this shoot is that everyone modifies his / her car for the same reason: so that the car looks and performs the way the owner wants it to – that’s it. With that being said, there are people with track oriented builds, show builds, daily-drivable builds, but for some reason there will always be those random few in the scene who feel the need to be negative. The way I see it is, if it’s not your thing just don’t look at it – especially as the owner built it for their pleasure, not yours. So for the love of cars, let’s just all get along and appreciate everyone’s ride and the passion for them.


Going to the beat of his own drum, Mike Howe has once again mastered his vision for his wickedly good ride. Some might say he ruined it, others will say he stanced it out, but in the end it is Mike to loves his 370Z build. Take it or leave it, it’s unique and always evolving – that’s something of a rarity nowadays.

The Specs

Mike Howe
Guelph, Ontario, Canada
2012 Nissan 370Z
Horsepower: N/A
Torque: N/A
Club / Team Affiliation: Next Level


– Aero Jacket front lip
– Aero Jacket rear bumper spats
– Evo-R side blades
– Full car vinyl wrap
– Like Wise gold lug nuts


– Like Wise shift knob with Rod Stewart extension
– Carbon Fiber trim
– NRG E-brake handle
– Seat covers
– GT-R push button
– Custom air management setup

In Car Entertainment

– Factory audio system

Wheels | Tires | Brakes | Suspension

– Avant Garde Wheels 20×11 -29 (f) 20×13 -17 (r) candy purple finish

– Falken tires

– Akebono big brakes

– BC Racing Struts with UAS Bag Overs and v2 management
– SPL midlinks
– SPL toe bolts
– SPL locking kit
– SPL Rear camber arms
– Megan Racing front control arms with custom fabricated camber plates
– Custom fabricated midlink bag brackets


– Injen Intake
– Custom 3-inch Exhaust
– EcuTek Tune

Shout Outs/Special Thanks

– MnM Autosports (Mike’s Shop)
– Markis Sarkis (Photographer)
– Paul Wong (Body Work)

Future Modifications

– VIP Modular wheels