Track Attack: Nissan GT-R R35 (Kaizen Tuning)


The Nissan GT-R is quite possibly the best bang-for-buck vehicle of all time. Surely, it might not get the attention of some gold-digging Barbie doll or a wave of acknowledgement from exotic car owners, but what it will do is make you feel invincible behind the wheel. For roughly a $100k investment, Nissan has made the dream car of many enthusiasts attainable and also able to lay down the smack on street or track – where ever the competition leads itself.

Track fiend and tuner enthusiast Charles Lin of Boston, Massachusetts, USA is the lucky owner of this gorgeous Hakone White R35 GT-R. As if the already impressive performance figures weren’t enough Lin reached out to GT-R tuning experts in North East United States Kaizen Tuning LLC. for a boost up. What began as mild changes like any ordinary project car soon turned into a wolf in sheep’s clothing. The entire exterior of the GT-R was dressed in Zele carbon fiber lips from front, side and rear including air ducts and and front grill. A pair of LED lamps were retro fitted into the front bumper updating the look (similar to the the current 2012/13 model) along with a pair of massive STILLEN canards.

Inside the cockpit of this supercar is all business exemplified by the pair of RECARO ASM Limited Edition Super Stark racing seats. Not much else was touched inside the already driver-oriented cabin of the GT-R, can you blame him?

Creating the aggressive stance of this track attack monster is thanks to a set of JRZ coilovers. Due to the change in suspension the in-car adjust-ability in way of toggle switch is no longer active, but Lin couldn’t care less as he was preparing this AWD beast for tracking.

For rollers, Lin selected a set of very rare Volk Racing G2 wheels in Mag Blue and wrapped them in ultra sticky Toyo R888 tires. Tucked just behind the massive wheels are a set of AP Racing J-Hook brake rotors replacing the worn out factory discs and paired with Carbotech XP12 brake pads for aggressive stopping. If there is one thing that’s certain, it is that the stopping force of this track attack Godzilla is enough to make the pavement ripple or at least it feels that way.

The side profile of the GT-R is beautiful on its own in factory spec, but adding the Voltex Type 5 carbon fiber rear spoiler just makes it looks that much meaner.

Under the bonnet is where all the magic happens along with most of Lin’s budget for the build. Kaizen Tuning LLC. waited no time to drop the engine and rip it apart in preparation for more boost. Out went the OEM internals and in went a set of CP pistons, Carillo rods, Nismo bearings, custom knife-edged crank, and Tomei cams. Fastening everything was left up to a set of ARP main and head studs while Cosworth head gaskets ensured proper seal. Adding the power was the complete kit from GReddy including larger turbochargers, turbo headers, hard pipes, intake system and intercoolers. Thanks to the COBB Tuning AccessPort (tuned by Forged Performance) the GT-R put down 700 all-wheel horsepower and 690 lb-ft of torque! Yes, you read that correctly – as much power as a Lamborghini Aventador for a third of the price.

Out back, the hot exhaust gasses are let out through an Akuma 90mm midpipe and into a Powerhouse Amuse Titan titanium full exhaust system. Supporting the high power gains, the transmission was also upgraded with Willall Racing clutches, seals, and gear retainers.

With the power of a $300,000 exotic, the nimbleness of a Japanese tuner car and looks that would make any enthusiast drool it is no wonder why this track attack GT-R is highly regarded on the East Coast of United States. Since this feature was shot, the car has once again gone under the knife for even more work at Kaizen Tuning LLC. as if things couldn’t get better, they have. Charles Lin might be one of the few to be brave enough to take the already impressive R35 into a level few venture, but with his eyes set on the conquering twisty tarmac it is no wonder why he chose Godzilla to be his ride.

For more information, please visit Kaizen Tuning LLC.

Words & Photos: Giancarlo Pawelec

The Specs

Charles Lin
Boston, Massachusetts, USA
2010 Nissan GT-R
700 awhp @ 6900
690 lb-ft @ 5400
Club / Team Affiliation:
Kaizen Tuning LLC


– Voltex Type 5 rear spoiler
– Zele carbon rear skirt
– Zele carbon sideskirts
– Zele carbon lip
– Zele carbon side ducts
– Zele carbon grill
– Mines carbon fiber hood ducts
– STILLEN canards
– Custom LED lighting


– Recaro ASM Limited Super Stark race buckets
– Recaro seat rails
– Recaro custom seat protectors

In Car Entertainment

– OEM Nissan Bose audio system with Navigation LCD screen
– Custom installed Passport 9800

Wheels | Tires | Brakes | Suspension

– Volk Racing G2 wheels in Mag Blue
– Project Kics R26 neo chrome lug nuts

– Toyo R888 tires

– AP Racing J-Hook brake rotors
– Carbotech XP12 brake pads
– Stainless brake lines

– STILLEN swaybars
– JRZ coilover suspension


– CP pistons
– Corrillo rods
– Nismo bearings
– Custom knife-edged crank
– Ported heads
– ARP head studs
– ARP main studs
– Tomei camshafts
– Cosworth head gaskets
– GReddy turbo kit
– GReddy turbo headers custom ceramic coated
– GReddy hard pipe kit
– GReddy intakes
– AMS MAF and MAP sensors
– GReddy BOVs
– GReddy downpipes
– Akuma 90mm midpipe
– Powerhouse Amuse Titan titanium exhaust
– GReddy intercoolers
– Koyo radiator
– Samco silicone hoses
– Carbing overflow tank
– COBB Tuning AccessPort custom tuned by Forged Performance
– Zele carbon fiber radiator top
– Willall transmission cooler
– Kaizen Tuning cooler scoop
– Willall clutches
– Willall clutch seals
– Willall gear retainers


– Kaizen Tuning LLC
– Wheel Sto

Special Thanks

– Scott McIver and Chris Luciano of Kaizen Tuning LLC, Wheel Sto, Ryan and Sharif at Forged Performance, and Phill Santosio at Santosio Autobody

Future Modifications

– AMS carbon fiber roof
– PPG gear set

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