True Blue: Tim’s Evo X (#TeamAMF)


Just last year, the Paul Walker Lakeshore Memorial Cruise was in full swing, organized by none other than #TeamAMF’s very own Tim Knight. The cruise came to a close at the CNE grounds, a spot which was recently turned into a full-blown race track for the Honda Indy. Given the location’s history and meaning, combined with the incredible track layout still standing days after the Indy ended, we couldn’t think of a better place to shoot Tim’s daily driven Mitsubishi Evo X.


The Evolution has become synonymous with track-ready performance, so Tim’s Evo looks right at home between the high walls of the Indy track. The exterior modifications to the car are subtle enough to fly under the radar, but functional enough for even the newest of enthusiasts to recognize something has been done. Not too low to function, and just low enough to get the most out of the NEO Motorsport suspension, the Evo sits just right from any angle. The Evo9 wing is a nice subtle change that only the most observant of Evolution-aficionados would notice.


Tim has been adding modifications and tweaks to his Mitsubishi since he pre-ordered it from the first batch in Canada back in 2008. The carbon fiber Varis canards and hood vents lend an even more aggressive street-fighter style to the already menacing mug of the Evo X. Look closely and you’ll see that the modifications aren’t just little additions. A custom fog light delete was done to increase air flow and add a wider grille look to the front end. Keeping the factory blue paint was no coincidence, either – it’s all part of a subtle, yet meaningful theme.



The Volk rims and red accents within the blue car are no accident. We mentioned that Tim put together last year’s Paul Walker memorial cruise. As it turns out, Tim’s theme is a different kind of Paul Walker tribute. We’re sure we don’t need to remind you of the effect Paul Walker had on the tuner scene of this generation, and his influence is echoed in Tim’s Evo.


Jump behind the wheel, and the charm of this Evo X continues to grow. Fitted into Tim’s dashboard is an incredible Marvel Vs. DC comic-book inspired trim that stretches the width of the dash, and extends down the door panels. When you’re sitting back in the Recaro seats looking at the sporty gauges, you really get the sense that this is a purpose-built vehicle, and the MTX 10-inch subwoofer is almost enough to drown out the engine. Almost.



It wouldn’t be a proper trip to the Indy track without doing a lap or two. A handful of engine mods and tuning tweaks get the Evo up and running in a short amount of time, and the NEO Motorsport Green Lines and the Toyo Sport T1S keep the power planted to the pavement around the corners.  Brembo calipers hold in the StopTech pads and slotted rotors to bring the screaming Evo to a halt in a fashionable distance. The nice thing about this static ride height is that it’s low enough to improve looks and handling, but stops just high enough to maintain total functionality.


At the end of the day, Tim’s Evo X is all about being a functional and fun daily driver, and he’s nailed it. Tim stayed true to the Mitsubishi’s roots as a year-round street weapon, and took it the extra steps in customization to make it his. Is it the fastest Evo in the world? No. But it’s not meant to be! Tim’s goal was a quick and fun daily driver that places function above form, and in our opinion, he has succeeded.

The Specs

Tim Knight
Scarborough, Ontario, Canada
2008 Mitsubishi Evolution
Horsepower: 379 WHP @ 7200 RPM
Torque: 348 WTQ @ 7200 RPM
Dyno Type: DYNO-Dynamics
Club / Team Affiliation: Team AMF, Team Scampi


– CF Varis Canards and Hood Vents
– APR CF Engine Shroud Radiator Cover
– Evo9 retrofitted wing
– OEM SS front lip
– T1R Tow Hook
– Rexpeed CF brake vents
– Custom Fog Light Delete


– Custom Marvel vs DC superhero vinyl wrap
– Racaro XL Profi Driver Seat
– Racaro L Pole Position passenger seat
– AEM Air/fuel gauge
– Defi Red Racer Boost Gauge
– NeoMotorsport Counter weighted shift knob
– TWM Short shifter with complete bushing set

In Car Entertainment

– Pioneer AVIC In Dash Nav System
– Rockford Fosgate 1000WATT Amp
– MTX 10” 800WATT subwoofer

Wheels | Tires | Brakes | Suspension

– Volk CE28 19X9.5 wheels wrapped in Toyo 265/30/19 Sport T1S tires
– NeoMotorsport Green Line Coilovers
– Whiteline front and rear sway bars
– GTSpec front upper strut bar
– OEM Brembo calipers
– StopTech sport pads and slotted rotors


– OEM 4B11 engine
– FP Green Turbo
– FIC 900CC Injectors
– Walboro 255 Fuel Pump
– T1R Full 3” Turbo-back CAT Delete exhaust
– TurboTrix Custom Intercooler Pipe Kit
– TurboTrix Intake with AEM Dry Flow Filter
– Custom Intake Shield
– ETS 3.5” Intercooler
– Mishimoto Radiator with Colour Match Hoses
– Greddy Catch Can
– Grimspeed 3-port Boost Controller
– Rexpeed Hood Dampers
– AEM Clutch Master Cylinder
– Exeddy Stage 1 Organic HD Clutch
– Cobb AccessPort
– Tuned by Andy @ Neetronics


– NEO Motorsport
– AutoMotoFoto

Shout Outs/Special Thanks

– Scarborough Mitsubishi
– Alhpa Motorsports

Future Modifications

– Full engine build