Tech: Project Acura 1.6EL – MIGO Racing VX2 HID Kit Install


Words & Photos: Giancarlo Pawelec

Tech: Project Acura 1.6EL – MIGO Racing VX2 HID Kit Install
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Proper exterior lighting on a vehicle is essential for any driver. Visibility during harsh conditions or night time driving can greatly be improved by changing a vehicle’s factory (yellow-looking) halogen bulb in the headlight to a modern (white-blue-looking) High Intensity Discharge (HID) bulb.

The huge gains in a switch outweighs the minute cost of any HID kit. Aside from brighter lighting, you also get a variety of colour temperatures (the colour in which the lights shine) which range from yellow at 3,000K to white at 6,000K and blue tones from 8,000 and above that make any car look better. Most luxury vehicles offer HID system from factory, not only for their function but also for a signature flair.

The donor vehicle for this tech install is the AMF Project Acura 1.6EL – nice isn’t it? The vehicle has had a great life with low mileage and is near perfect shape, but it does need some modernization and overall upgrades. Without the vehicle getting overly modified, a strict plan has been set for it including a head unit upgrade, aero lip kit, intake system, upgraded exhaust and other esthetic pieces. The install took place at TOO FAST MOTORS‘ newest location, TFM Performance.

The HID kit of choice for this tech piece is a MIGO Racing VX2 unit. The HID kit boasts German lighting technology and retails for $69.99 + Tax. For added value, the kit also comes with a 1-Year In-Store Warranty against any manufacturing defeats. The HID colour temp for the AMF Project Acura 1.6EL is 8,000K – an ultra bright white light with a slight blue tint.

Step 1: Prepare HID kit
– Remove packaging off HID bulbs, ballasts and clips.

Step 2: Prepare vehicle for installation
– Open hood and unplug headlight bulb wiring with weather seal.
– Remove headlight assembly by unfastening the retaining clip.

*On the Acura 1.6EL removal of the power steering reservoir is required to access the left side headlight bulb
– Unplug headlight bulb wiring and remove rubber weather seal.

– Remove bulb from headlight assembly
*Unfasten retaining clip

Step 3: Installing HID bulb
– Matte rubber weather sealant to HID bulb and wiring for easy re-install.
– Fit HID bulb into headlight housing.

*Spinning the bulb might be required to find the proper position.
– Once fitted, install the rubber weather sealant to the headlight housing.

Step 4: Install HID ballast and wiring to bulb
– Connect all wiring to harness connectors with provided plugs in kit.

– With wiring installation completed, find a dry and secure location (inner fender works best) to mount HID ballast.
*Mounting brackets are supplied in the hardware package, but double sided tape works as well.

Step 5: Test lights
– Turn lights on and test for proper working order.
*HID bulbs will require a few seconds to warm up and reach colour temperature – the desired appearance.

The MIGO Racing VX2 HID kit install on AMF Project Acura 1.6EL took no more than 15 minutes including prep work. Now the Acura looks slightly fierce and updated to the 21st century. Great visibility and a smashing new look, that’s what HIDs are all about. A big thanks go out to TOO FAST MOTORS for hosting the install. Next on the list – aero lip kit.

Interested in a MIGO Racing VX2 HID Kit for your car? Contact For more information, please visit TOO FAST MOTORS TFM

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