Tech: K&N Air Intake System on Corvette C6


Installing a cold air intake system is one of the simplest modifications to do on any vehicle and also the most fun in way of end result. Surely there are never any major power gains as most people would expect, but throttle response and that signature suction sound is enough to make anyone a fan. The car in question is a Chevrolet Corvette C6 with the potent 6.0-liter, V8, LS2-engine that needed some help breathing better in way of a K&N intake air system.

With the K&N air filter unpacked, it is clear to note that this intake system is all business as it is made entirely out of carbon fiber. The reason behind it could be a factor of weight as this piece is normally made of a hard plastic for most other applications, then again it is going on a $70,000 sports car made entirely of fiberglass.

Step 1: Disassemble plastic air boxes
– Simply pop off the metal clips securing the plastic air box covers and set parts aside.

Step 2A: Removal of Air Intake
– Using one’s fingers, pop off the plastic clips securing the air intake to the radiator support

Step 2B: Removal of Air Intake
– With a 10mm socket, remove the clamp bolt securing the air intake. Be careful not to damage the MAF or wiring / plug next to it in the process.

Step 2C: Removal of Air Intake
– Lift air intake away from the throttle body. Some jiggling of the part might be necessary to loosen it.

Step 3A: Preparation of K&N Air Intake System
– With the supplied hardware, mate the plastic intake to the K&N filter using the provided clamps and fasten with the two (2) 10mm bolts.

Step 3B: Preparation of K&N Air Intake System
– The factory mounting bracket that aligns the intake system to the front of the vehicle (as it is placed just at the nose) has to be fitted onto the air filter.

Step 4A: Installation of the K&N Air Intake System
– Gently drop the air filter portion into the nose of the vehicle, letting the mounting bracket (plate) secure itself to the two pins on the body work. Next, push the intake system onto the throttle body and secure the coupler by hand.

Step 4B: Installation of the K&N Air Intake System
– With the K&N air intake system mounted properly, fasten the two (2) 10mm bolts using a socket and tighten until snug. Be sure not to over tighten as it may cause damage to the throttle body housing.

The K&N air intake system was a simple 30-minute install on the Corvette C6 thanks to well fabricated pieces and matching hardware. For the mere cost of only $399 (MSRP) and easy install, replacing the factory air box to this beautiful carbon fiber piece is well worth the expense. Add to it the fact that power gains are up 10.05 horsepower @ 6,000 RPM and a throaty sound is now heard every time the throttle’s butterfly is opened on the LS2 V8 – it truly is a win-win scenario.

Words & Photos: Giancarlo Pawelec

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