Subaru Impreza 2.5RS (NV Auto)


So over the last few years of being around the racing scene, I’ve always had my eye on the orange Subaru from NV Auto. It wasn’t until about 6-months ago it became apparent to me that one of my close friends was working at NV and was involved in working on their bad-ass Subaru Impreza 2.5RS. As such, it seemed fitting that it would be the perfect candidate for my first AMF post. After meeting with Dov Aronoff, owner and driver of the ’96 Subaru Impreza 2.5RS you see here, I was amazed to find out how the car had transformed over the last few years. Originally built 5-years ago for the Canadian Rally Championship series, they competed with it for 4-years before realizing it would be better suited as a time attack machine. Within the span of only a week (working many late nights) the transformation was complete and they were ready for the 2011 season and ended up taking home the CSCS Unlimited AWD Championship trophy.

Now lets get to the meat and potatoes of it all. Under the hood of this missile is a Version 8 STi long block beefed up with Manley pistons, rods and crank, ACL race bearings and a Cosworth head gasket and head bolts. Top that all off with a Blouch 2.5XTR turbo that exits to a Invidia N1 Race exhaust and you’ve got yourself a decent 430hp/400ft-lb setup running on Shell URT105 race gas. Now with all this power they decided to run HSD fully adjustable coilovers, StopTech 6-piston front calipers and a set of 18×10 ROTA Grids wrapped with 275/35R18 Continental rubber to help get it around the track. Now inside the car is nothing, but the bare essentials like a Sparco Evo drivers seat, AiM Sports cluster and GPS data logging system all run by a Autronic SM4 ECU. Last, but not least is the eye candy of the exterior which includes a 2000 front-end conversion, GReddy front lip, Do-Luck side skirts and their in-house custom fender flares all topped off with a few coats of Porches GT3RS Orange so it can be seen wherever it goes.

Dov would like thank his sponsors Diebold Autosport, Motul Oil, StopTech Brakes, Shell Oil and of course all the boys at NV Auto for their hard work and dedication to the project over the years.

The Specs

Owner: Dov Aronoff
Location: Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Vehicle: 1996 Subaru Imprezza 2.5RS
Horsepower: 430hp
Torque: 400ft-lbs
Club / Team Affiliation: NV Auto


– 2000 Subaru front-end conversion
– GReddy front lip
– Do-Luck side skirts
– NV Auto fender flares
– Porsche GT3RS orange paint


– Sparco Evo race bucket seat
– AIM sport dash
– Aimsports GPS data-logging system
– Autronic SM4 ECU

Wheels / Tires / Brakes / Suspension

– ROTA Grid 18×10 (all around)
– Continental Tires 275/35R18 (all around)
– StopTech 6-piston front calipers
– HSD coilover suspension


– Subaru STi Version 8 long block
– 2.2-liter stroker kit
– Manley pistons
– Manley rods
– Manley crank
– ACL race bearings
– Stock Subaru STi head
– Cosworth head gasket
– Cosworth head bolts
– Invidia N1 race exhaust
– Blouch 2.5 XT turbocharger
– Tuned for Shell URT105 race fuel


– NV Auto
– Diebold Autosport
– Motul
– StopTech
– Shell Oil

Special Thanks

– The boys at NV Auto, Jonathon Henderson, and Vin

Future Modifications

– Suspension upgrade, larger turbo, and aero upgrades!

Notable Wins and Accomplisments

– Built for the Canadian Rally Championship 5 years ago, competed in open for 4 years and switched to road racing in 2011. Threw the car together in a week full of long nights to 2am and ended up winning the CSCS Unlimited AWD Championship in 2011. Also won SPDA  Gymkhanna / AutoX event in June 2011.

Words & Photos: Josh Smith