Smart Roadster (ood’X)


Do superheroes exist? Good question! Failing to have a real answer to this existential question, the idea that extraordinary people exist on our planet is enough to feed my imagination.

If there’s one person I know who hates being unnoticed, it is Mr. Fred himself of ood’X in France. Does his name not tell you anything? You know one of its vehicles, on February 7th we showed you on AMF his truly unique Twingo RS. Yes, Mr. Fred is none other than ood’X big boss.

This Smart Roadster you discover here exclusively on AMF is his daily driver. To be honest, this car basis is unique: a little sports similar to Lotus’ design, lightweight and a cool engine for a quite affordable price, it was perfect for Fred.

Believe it or not, this roadster has not been very successful in France. So you won’t necessarily see one if you’re visiting France. So can you imagine in this black matte finish, highlighted by brilliant red and silver film on the sides making the car more dynamic.

His car, as original as it is, is like him: sober but aggressive and with a sporty touch. The matte finish literally transforms the vehicle. From fun, it becomes bad, almost like a little “Batmobile!”

It must be said that the choice of rims reinforces this aggressive aspect of the Smart car: a set of König Hotswap in 17-inch by 8-inch were chosen, with Yokohama Parada tires. Fred once again brings his personal touch and painted in full black, highlighted by a red edging for a touch of racing. The car gets a proper stance thanks to Kayaba shocks system and braking system is upgraded with RS rotors.

In reality, this little beast is even nastier like a little monster ready to pounce on the road. The quality of work done by Fred is just perfect, having been in business since 1999.

So, is Fred a superhero? I do not know, but he’s definitely someone out of the ordinary, with a supercar!

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Words & Photos: William Guillon

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