Shop Profile: Spoon Sports’ Speed Shop Type-One


Words: Giancarlo Pawelec
Photos: NextMod

In the world of Honda tuning there is only one king of the hill, Spoon Sports. Thanks to our friends at NextMod for the images, we get a rare opportunity to peak into the world these naturally aspirated track gods. Formed in 1988, Tatsuru Ichishima began Spoon Sports with the idea of creating vehicles of the Honda brand with a true racing edge. Two decades later and Ichishima-san is still at it producing the very best of lightweight performance parts and cranking out full Spoon project builds.

Unknown to most, across from the Spoon Sports head office is Speed Shop Type-One. According to Ichishima, the vision behind Type-One is how a Spoon Sports dealer should be. Opened in 2001, Speed Shop Type-One offers complete tuning for Honda vehicles with a specialization in the “Type-R” series of the Civic, Integra, Accord Euro and NSX.

Parked just outside the Speed Shop is this beautiful and pristine Honda Civic Type-R in Championship White. Although the performance details are unknown, it’s safe bet to assume that it is packing some high-revving sub-240hp Spoon engine.

On the other side of the shop sitting on wheel dollies is quite possibly the most famous vehicle from the Spoon Sports stable, the 1985 Honda Civic (EF-chassis). At 33 years of age, Ichishima built this race car powered by a 1.6L DOHC ZC-engine that produced 230hp at 9800rpm and remained very competitive until its retirement.

Inside the shop you can spot a tuned CR-Z, S2000 and various other track-ready builds stored away until the beckon call.

The lounge area is small complete with white leather couches and one race bucket. It may be small, but who really needs a lounge with all the great things going on around you, right?

A nice display of Spoon parts and memorabilia – hubs, racing rads, ECUS… anyone?

This S2000 is a complete build by Spoon encompassing full aero parts, engine goods, brakes and suspension… need we say more? For around $60,000 this could be yours too!

One final view from inside the laboratory of Spoon Sports’ Speed Shop Type-One. The shop space is immaculate, the cars are historical and the brand is legendary.

What has taken Tatsuru Ichishima over two decades to build has truly set the benchmark for other tuners (in Japan and internationally) to reach. Less is more is definitely a principal practiced here and coupled with endless years on the race track, Spoon Sports doesn’t appear to lose steam. We look forward to see future creations from this Honda-purist shop and the godfather of high-revving naturally aspirated tuning.

Spoon Sports
5-2-8 Ogikubo
Suginami-ku, Tokyo, Japan

Speed Shop Type-One

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