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Words & Photos: Giancarlo Pawelec

In the world of performance shops there are leads and there are followers or worse, those that don’t make it past the first year. Auto Select Tuning in Brampton, Ontario is one of only a few that lead the pack in the Canadian tuning scene.

Like most enthusiasts, Will Papatolevski (owner of Auto Select Tuning) longed for the day that he would own a performance shop that not only did incredible work, but also boasted a well rounded group of talented technicians and fabricators. On February 2009, Auto Select Tuning opened its doors to the public for business and has never looked back.

The shop boasts an impressive 6,000 sq. ft. complete with 4-bays, 3-lifts and a team of 5 including Will himself. The Auto Select Tuning team consists of Christine handling all the admin duties, Mike “Flowers” Di Florio – lead fabricator, Bobby Maciel – general repairs and diagnostics, Jim Papatolevski – sales and Will Paptolevski as the all-seeing-eye.

Although known mostly for their work on VW / Audi vehicles, AST has expanded into the full race and fabrication of all make / models – if you have the time and money, they have the talent to make any project possible. Here Mike welds a custom manifold for a full drag race car, such beautiful work that would put any welding machine to shame!

Fellow AST friend and pro DMCC drift driver Peter Chrisikopoulos’ Nissan Silvia S13 sitting pretty on the hoist while more fabrication gets completed. Stay tuned for an update on this vehicle that will blow your mind… or more!

One of the most impressive projects at Auto Select Tuning, a Mazda RX-8 unlike any other. My eyes popped immediately when I saw it because of the beautiful carbon fiber body work, every single body panel has been turned to CF as if the Mazda walked into a carbon fiber waterfall on purpose… Mmm… if only! The factory and dull new-age rotary got tossed aside for a Corvette LS1 engine which will also go under the knife – can this car get any more insane?

Spotted this sleeper-looking VW Corrado in the corner. Upon closer inspection it became apparent that this once fun and nimble hatch also went under the insane Auto Select Tuning transformation with an engine swap consisting of a 2.0-litre bottom end, 1.8T head, fully built and converted to all-wheel-drive thanks to a VW R32 rear end. I may not be a Euro tuner enthusiast, but I’d take this Corrado any day!

This menacing Audi was in for some fine tweaking. Owned by Jeff Tan, this full show and go 1.8T packs a 400awhp punch complete with custom body work, paint and an impeccable interior.

Although I may not be a Honda guy, I do appreciate anything race related and this red bubble got my attention. Owned by Sean Devine of Maxwell Racing, Auto Select Tuning is rebuilding the engine for even more power. Interesting to note, Sean owned this 1992 Honda Civic hatchback since new… who would have thought that years later it would be one of the world’s fastest “single cam” Civic with a 9.1-seconds @ 164mph! This year, Maxwell Racing will be pushing the Civic at various CSCS competitions and others in the US.

For those that like boost, welcome to the power plant under the bonnet of the drag hatch. The D16-engine was put on the surgery table for a complete overhaul – custom 321 gauge stainless manifold, custom Precision 67mm turbocharger and more parts than you could ever imagine good for 800whp!

A big thanks to the crew at Auto Select Tuning for letting AMF get a glimpse into their world. Regardless of your budget, vehicle or style it is without a doubt that AST provides what most shops in Ontario if not Canada can’t – true performance goodness! If their fabrication skills don’t put a smile on your face, then maybe their silly JDM-influenced attitudes will. (In Picture: Mike “Flowers” Di Florio, Peter Chrisikopoulos, Bobby Maciel and Will Papatolevski)

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Auto Select Tuning (AST)
298 Rutherford Road South
Brampton, Ontario, Canada
L6W 3K7
T: 905-453-4400

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  1. Excellent work and excellent people. The difference between AST and other shops is they don’t just do the work they put all their time and effort and really make sure that AST has a great rep and they put all their heart and passion in everything they do.