Renault Twingo RS (ood’X Demo Car Featuring Sha_Do)


Words & Photos: Wiliam Guillon

Trends always come and go, with sometimes reappearing acts ever so often. The latest trend to emerge in the automotive world is that of matte finishes – be it paint or the more popular modern alternative of vinyl wrapping. On this of side of the Atlantic it has certainly caught on quickly. Even on the front of factory vehicles, the growing number of manufacturers who offer a matte finish as a vehicle paint option is ever growing.

As far as I can remember, matte finish made its appearance in France during the late 90s. At this time however, it was all in paint form, which meant a big task in preparing the car for a perfect base for which to be sprayed. As of two years ago, vehicle wraps made its appearance in the market. Through a specific adhesive film it is possible to transform the look of a car in mere hours while preserving its original paint.

Based in the south of France, ood’X is a French company who specializes in graphic design and communications. Unlike other similar businesses, ood’X is run by automotive enthusiasts and began as a sticker business in 1999.

To showcase its know-how and demonstrate that high quality wrapping along with a good choice of rims are enough to radically transform any car’s appearance, ood’X chose a Renault Twingo RS as their demo. These small cars (such as this Renault Twingo RS or Mini Cooper S and Fiat 500 Abarth) have a great success in France whereby narrow roads and tight parking situations exist. Motorized with a 4-cylinder, 1.6-liter that puts out 133hp from factory, this small “bombinette“ also boasts a Cup-class chassis – an option from the manufacturer. The RS version which ood’X chose as their demo has a complete body kit that is significantly more aggressive than the base model. ood’X has worked on RS’ body to bring out the aggressive side of the car by varying shades of matte black, carbon fiber and green khaki in a design that seems ready for warfare.

A Hexis matte green khaki film wraps the lower partion of the car while the hood and roof are covered with a matte black film from the same brand. The aerodynamic parts such as front vents and the roof spoiler are covered with a carbon fiber matte film for a racing-inspired look. The mirrors were switch to a black gloss to compliment the dark tinted windows.

The only real modifications other than the vinyl film are a set of wheels. ood’X used a set of Cesam Interlagos in a matte finish and sized 17-inches by 7-inches all around and wrapped with 205/40R17 Yokohama Parada tires.

As this was the ood’X’ demo car, it needed to make statement no matter the expense. In order to make this model even more unique famous French designer Sha_Do – who has worked for Art Factory Graphics in Japan and has signed some of the designs of D1GP’s drifting cars – collaborated on this project. He created a unique and very stylish graphic for the roof made in digital printing by and for ood’X – a true one-off item!

This project is a clear example that it isn’t necessary to do too much in order to have style. Having a good feeling on the concept and a professional team to back you are enough to make any “daily driver” unique.

For more information, please visit ood’X and Sha_Do Graphics

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  1. Hi there!

    It was a pleasure to collaborate and work with ood’x and Will. From a clear and simple ask from ood’x “I need something for the roof of my project” it s important for me to have flexibility rather than a too precise order. Wrap is so cool, but the idea from odd’x to add an original artwork print brings a lot to get a successful result.

    All the best to Automotofoto !