Quintessential Canadian Subie: Brad’s WRX STI Hatchback


Subaru’s STI hatchback has become a bit of an icon in the tuner scene, especially among Canadians who favor the all-wheel-drive system for year-round driving. Our friend Brad of Canadian Subies went to great lengths to ensure that his 2010 Subaru STI was unique enough to stand out in a crowd and he succeeded. The goal was simple: A fun daily driver that could do it all. A jack of all trades, if you will.


Brad’s car has won a handful of awards over the past couple of years. His Subaru may not be the fastest on the road, but the overall build is unique from top to bottom and it turns heads. The colour combination is far from subtle, and is a theme that is echoed across the entire build, from the exterior to the interior, and even in the engine bay. Combine that colour scheme with a handful of aero mods, such as a custom built front splitter and rear diffuser, and you end up with this pretty stunning STI.


At ground level is where the blue on green theme really ties together. The STI hatchback squats low thanks to a set of BC Racing coilovers, and sits on 18-inch multi-spoke Koya Racing rims which have been painted a custom green which was titled “Mubeen Green”, with gold flakes to give it that extra shine. The green wheels pair up nicely with the accents from Monster Energy, one of Brad’s biggest partners.

Brad's Subaru -2_1

From the rear, you really get a sense of the customization that went into this ride. The lifted wing, modified rear bumper and custom built diffuser in combination with the rear mud flaps pay homage to the Subaru’s rally heritage, and add an aggressive tuner look to the already beautiful hatchback’s rear end. Being able to see right through to the Invidia turbo-back system is a nice touch that adds a lot to the look.



Under the hood you’ll find a handful of performance-boosting goodies, as well as a plethora of decals from affiliated sponsors and partners in the automotive world in true show car fashion. We even spy an AMF decal in there! Experienced Subaru enthusiasts will notice a few mechanical changes right away, such as the Cobb intake and Cusco strut bar. A close look also reveals some hardware and hood-raisers from Garage 16, which give the hood a slight lift for improved air flow. The aftermarket additions reach their full potential with the help of a stage 2 pro tune courtesy of Andy at Neetronics.


Open the hatch and you’re met with a pretty impressive sight. Under an appropriately-coloured green cabin light, an equally green Autopower roll cage and strut setup takes the place of the rear seats, which have been pulled for weight savings. Up front, the driver’s cabin remains unchanged for the most part with the exception of a remote access port. There’s no need for fancy driver displays in this ride.


As mentioned above, Brad’s Subaru is a year-round jack of all trades, and part of that is not being afraid to get dirty. When winter rolls around, the diffuser and front lip are removed, ride height is raised, and the green rims are swapped for a gold set on winter tires. After all, it wouldn’t be a true Subaru if it didn’t play in the snow, right?

After taking to the track during the 2014 CSCS season, Brad was hooked on track driving. Keep an eye out for this Subaru STI at future track events, as Brad is promising some future “secret track modification”, peaking our interest in what is yet to come for this daily driven track toy. Brad has been a good friend to us here at AMF over the years, and we’ll be keeping an eye on this build as it progresses. Best of luck out there, Brad!

The Specs

Brad Bolarinho
 Vaughan, Ontario, Canada
2010 Subaru WRX STI
Horsepower: 300 WHP @ 6000 RPM
Torque: 340 ft-lbs @ 4000 RPM
Club / Team Affiliation: Canadian Subies, Next Level


– Custom built front splitter and diffuser
– Perrin wing raisers
– Garage 16 hood raisers


– Rear seat delete
– Cusco strut bars
– Autopower roll cage
– Green interior lighting

In Car Entertainment


Wheels | Tires | Brakes | Suspension

– 18-inch Koya Racing wheels custom painted “Mubeen Green”
– Nitto NTO5 245/20/18
– Cusco strut bars
– BC Racing coilovers


– Cobb air intake
– Invidia turbo-back exhaust
– Stage 2 Pro Tune via Andy at Neetronics


– Tim and Brenda’s Place
– Too Fast Motors
– Aero Canada

Shout Outs/Special Thanks

– Touge Tuning
– Sport Tech Performance
– Too Fast Motors
– Subaru owners worldwide
– Adam and the AMF crew

Future Modifications

– Bucket seats
– Transferable straight-pipe
– Other “secret track mods”