Pur Blanc: Audi S5 (Rieger Tuning)


Unveiled in 2009 at the Frankfurt Motor Show, the Audi S5 blazed into the luxury performance market without hesitation. Directly marketed against German rival BMW’s M-series, it set to reach out to those seeking “The Ultimate Driving Machine.” Blake Breslin of Toronto, Ontario is one such person that Audi would consider a happy convert.

Pur Blanc - Audi S5 - Rieger Tuning (THUMBNAIL) 2

As a highly successful publisher in Canada, Breslin has had his share of performance luxury machines including his latest, a Mercedes-Benz E55 AMG. When the time came to look for a replacement that would play the dual role of a luxury cruiser and track warrior, his eyes were set on this 2010 Ibis White Audi S5. As Breslin explains, “I wanted a vehicle that would be fun to drive in the summer and be safe during the harsh Canadian winter season, hence the benefit all-wheel-drive!”

Pur Blanc - Audi S5 - Rieger Tuning (THUMBNAIL) 3

From factory the Audi S5 is ideal. Boasting a healthy 354hp from it’s 4.2-litre, V8-engine, all-wheel-drive drivetrain and plenty of lavish goodies in-cabin. However, despite the assortment of exterior and interior colour combinations available, Breslin had his eyes set on the S5 being white on white – clean, to say the least. After weeks of back and forth talks, Audi finally granted the special order of white leather interior making this luxury coupe a true gem.

Pur Blanc - Audi S5 - Rieger Tuning (THUMBNAIL) 4

Fast-forward a few months and the start of this unique project begins. Breslin like any automotive enthusiast (even with the initial $70,000-budget) wanted his freshly broken-in Audi to be even more unique. For such a feat, the team at LLTek Motorsports responded to his requests with a complete Rieger (Germany) aerodynamics package. The factory bumpers and knick-knacks were tossed aside in way of an RS5-style front bumper, single cell mesh front grill (similar to the factory RS5), fog light frills, side skirts, rear valance and lastly an R8-inspired rear spoiler – said to be the only one in North America. Thanks to Luxury Auto Body, the coupe was prepared for fitment and sprayed in factory Audi Ibis White paint.

Pur Blanc - Audi S5 - Rieger Tuning (THUMBNAIL) 5

For additional power and quite possibly the most mesmerizing sound from the throaty V8, is a full Rieger RS5 Quad-Tip cat-back exhaust system finished in stainless steel. Breslin also opted for Audi’s “Drive Select” system (nearly a $5,000-option) that allows for four pre-selected modes that adjusts the settings on the adaptive suspension, dynamic steering, transmission shifts, and throttle response on the fly. After a brief test drive, it is without question a must-have for any S5 allowing for the high-revving V8 to break from its chains and unleash its awesome Autobahn-inspired potential.

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Planting the power on this German coupe are a set of 19-inch by 9-inch ETA BETA Jofiel wheels wrapped in sticky Dunlop tires all around. Tucked just behind the upgraded wheels are Audi “S” massive 13.6-inch brakes up front and 13-inch at rear that provide the instant stopping power.

Pur Blanc - Audi S5 - Rieger Tuning (THUMBNAIL) 7

With a touch of class and brute force, Blake Breslin’s Ibis White S5 is a perfect example of balance for a daily driver. The ability to sprint from 0-60mph in 4.8-seconds while retaining luxury creature comforts is exactly what Audi intended with this coupe. After some dress-up tweaks made possible with German-tuner Rieger’s aerodynamics kit and a better rolling package, is it any wonder why the smile still remains? I think not, Blake Breslin has truly created his very own “Ultimate Driving Machine” and we thank him for it!

Words & Photos: Giancarlo Pawelec

The Specs

Blake Breslin
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
2010 Audi S5
354hp @ 7,000rpm


– Rieger Tuning RS5 front bumper
– Rieger Tuning RS5 single cell mesh front grill
– Rieger Tuning RS5 fog light grills
– Rieger Tuning RS5 side skirts
– Rieger Tuning RS5 rear bumper
– Rieger Tuning RS5 rear spoiler


– “Special Order” Audi white leather interior
– Audi “Drive Select” System with 4 Pre-Selected Modes (Auto, Dynamic, Comfort, and Individual)

In Car Entertainment

– Audi OEM in car entertainment system

Wheels | Tires | Brakes | Suspension

– (F) 19” x 9” ETA BETA Jofiel wheel finished in chrome and white
– (R) 19” x 9” ETA BETA Jofiel wheel finished in chrome and white

– Dunlop Tires


– Rieger Tuning RS5 Quad-Tip stainless steel cat-back exhaust system

Shout Outs

– LLTek Motorsports
– Luxury Auto Body