Orange Panzer: BMW 335xi (NEO Motorsport)


Tuner enthusiasts are like any other generation of gear heads – they’re hardcore nuts! Trends come and go, as do favoritism with certain make / models. As of recent, the most popular of trends is that of vinyl vehicle wrap and the vehicle of choice (especially for Euro fans) is that of BMW’s 335 – due to it’s twin-turbocharged configuration. With a variation from factory ranging in either sedan or coupe form, rear-wheel drive or all-wheel drive, and the option to load it up with all the tech goods anyone could fathom, it is no question it has gained much popularity since its introduction in 2005.

Orange Panzer - BMW 335xi (NEO Motorsport) (THUMBNAIL) 2

Shortly after picking up his new BMW daily driver, owner Tony of Mississauga, Ontario, Canada quickly went sourcing for parts. The plan for his beloved Germany sedan was not to go over the top in way of horsepower or exterior modifications, but rather tweak things that needed to be addressed. The first of many simple changes came in the form of carbon fiber BMW center grill and carbon M3 side mirrors. The most notable of all is the bright orange exterior vinyl wrap which transforms this German sedan into something quite unique and well, in-your-face!

Orange Panzer - BMW 335xi (NEO Motorsport) (THUMBNAIL) 3

Pop open the hood and what you have is BMW’s famous N54 power plant, a 3.0-liter, inline-6 cylinder that is mated to twin turbochargers. Power output from factory is 306 hp and 295 lb·ft of torque, but that has been bumped up thanks to large twin air filters and a stage 2 software tune. Power output is is now an estimated 325 hp and a far more responsive power band through the gears.

Orange Panzer - BMW 335xi (NEO Motorsport) (THUMBNAIL) 4

For rollers, Tony had decided to go with a set of 18-inch Hamann wheels for summer cruising and a set of OEM BMW wheels for winter. Tire choices differ per season with a set of sticky Micheline Pilot Sport for summer and Bridgestone LM25 tires for the snowy season. The real magic in the wheel well is that of the massive brakes peaking from just behind the matte black rims. Entrusting one of the leading brake companies in North America for stopping power, Tony had a set of NEO Motorsport F502 6-piston big brakes installed which would rival any M-badged offering – without the pretentious price gauging.

Orange Panzer - BMW 335xi (NEO Motorsport) (THUMBNAIL) 5

The slammed looked of this orange panzer is thanks to a set of H&R coilover suspension which just adds that needed touch for hard parking at car meets, but can also play double-duty during spirited drives on the road course. From far this BMW is not only striking to look at, but also one that tends to draw the attention of even non-car folk.

Orange Panzer - BMW 335xi (NEO Motorsport) (THUMBNAIL) 6

Out back tucked under the carbon fiber rear splitter is a Remus exhaust system complete with quad tips for a step up in power and signature throaty sound. It has been many years since Remus has appeared in the tuner scene, but as always it’s good to have a legendary brand back in full swing.

Orange Panzer - BMW 335xi (NEO Motorsport) (THUMBNAIL) 7

Finishing off this all-wheel drive powerful sedan is a carbon fiber adjustable rear spoiler that adds a bit of the BMW M3 GTS flair to the orange beast. In the world of BMW 335 builds, this orange panzer is surely not winning top honors as it lacks substantial modifications or that radical element, but considering it is daily driven and a form of self expression for owner Tony, it is a win in our books. With 325 horsepower on the taps, stopping power capable of making one’s eye balls pop out, and a stand-out vinyl wrap, it is no question as to why many are drawn to it. What this orange German tank stands for is the basis of what the tuner scene is all about – individuality. Surely orange might not be your colour of choice or you might not favor the M3 GTS rear spoiler, but there’s no doubt that this build will keep you thinking for days to come and that’s the whole point of being a gear head… inspiring others to build and drive what makes one happy. For this reason, Tony can rest assured that his mission is accomplished!

Words & Photos: Giancarlo Pawelec

The Specs

Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
2009 BMW 335xi
325hp @ 5,800rpm


– Orange vinyl vehicle wrap
– M3 carbon fiber side mirror
– Carbon fiber M-Tech rear splitter.
– Carbon fiber rear adjustable spoiler


– Carbon fibre paddle shifter
– Carbonfibre shift knob
– Electronic M performance

In Car Entertainment

– BMW OEM in car entertainment system

Wheels | Tires | Brakes | Suspension

– (Summer) 19″ Hamann rims
– (Winter) BMW OEM rims

– (Winter) Bridgestone LM25 tires

– NEO Motorsport 6 Piston F502 big brake kit

– H&R suspension coilover kit


– Remus exhaust system
– Stage 2 software

Shout Outs

– NEO Motorsport