Nothin’ but a G Thing: Chris’ G35 (#TeamAMF)


In the world of tuning Infiniti’s G coupe, style is key. Thankfully, style is exactly what #TeamAMF member Chris Anastasopoulos has nailed with his build. In the 2 seasons Chris has owned his G35, his Infiniti had undergone serious style changes, coming to a gorgeous point along the build timeline that we couldn’t wait any longer to shoot. As a busy Toronto day came to an end, we headed to the city’s distillery district to capture the essence of Chris’ beautiful build.


While the car is a comprehensive build, the recent wrap by RestyleIt really drive the look home. The incredible colour you’re seeing here goes by the name of Thundercloud Metallic by Arlon. Depending on the light, the wrap exhibits a variety of shades, each as visually stunning as the last. The visual modifications are subtle and sleek, and it works exceptionally well with the G coupe’s already attractive shape.


Subtle as the changes may be, any true enthusiast starts to notice little things with each double-take. The black Forgestar rims are stunning, and the neo chrome lug nuts fit the car’s new colour nicely. It’s sitting a little lower, too, thanks to the Neo Motorsport Purple Line coilovers, and those Brembo brakes (fitted with EBC pads) with the Stoptech slotted rotors don’t exactly look like a factory option. The front end is a little more aggressive as well, compliments of the Ings Front Lip. And then there’s that sound – like that of a few hundred eager steeds crammed in a small place ready to be unleashed. The Tomei headers, AMS test pipes and Invidia Cat-Back combine to sing a beautiful rendition of Infiniti’s VQ35DE ballad.



As soon as the car turns over, all aspects of subtlety achieved with the exterior are just background noise when it roars to life. In addition to the full exhaust system, the VQ is outfitted with a Mishimoto intercooler, oil cooler and and thermostat combo, a Kinetix intake manifold fed by an Injen cold air intake, a Haltech Pro stand alone fuel management system and an AMS race pulley set. Only the keenest of  eye or most observant of Inifiniti enthusiast will notice a difference in the fans, too, as they have been upgraded to Nismo-spec fans. On top of it all, Chris has set up some NGK Iridium spark plugs for future modifications. Check the spec sheet at the bottom of the feature to see what he has in store for next year!


With the exception of a neo chrome counter-weighted shift knob courtesy of Nismo, the interior of the car remains stock for now. Chris says he’s been totally satisfied with the Infiniti’s interior up to this point, and that it was never the focus of the car. When your car looks this good on the outside, no one is looking inside, anyway.



The impeccable quality of the wrap is worth stating again – it really is astonishing how good a job the guys at RestyleIt have done. Unless you’re one who can tell paint from vinyl wrap by the way it reflects the light, there is truly no way of telling from the exterior. There isn’t a single visible seam – even the door jams are wrapped and tucked right to the edges perfectly. This isn’t some plug for a brand, or biased praise because it’s one of our team members, this is genuine admiration for incredible work.



With the sunlight quickly fading in Toronto, we headed to the back alleys of Queen St to show off the car in a colourful environment. The lighting of the alley brought out yet another shade of colours from the wrap, persuading us to put Thundercloud Metallic by Arlon right at the top of our favourite car colours alongside satin black and gunmetal grey.

We’re thankful to have a humble and friendly guy like Chris on our team, and we’re especially thankful that he drove his baby out to some potentially sketchy spots for us to shoot it. We’ve watched his G35 go from a daily driver to a “nice-days-only car”, and the quality of the car to this day is a testament to the care it has received. I wouldn’t leave this beauty in any other hands.

The Specs

Chris Anastasopoulos
 Toronto, Ontario, Canada
2005 Infiniti G35 Coupe
Horsepower: 341 WHP @ 7200 RPM
Torque: 336 ft-lbs @ 6500 RPM
Dyno Type: DYNO-Dynamics
Club / Team Affiliation: Team AMF, RS tuning, Onpoint car crew


-INGS Front Lip
-Nismo Carbon Fiber Rear Diffuser
-Blacked Out Headlight
-ReStyleIt FULL car wrap, Arlon Thundercloud Metallic


-Nismo neo chrome counter-weighted shift knob

In Car Entertainment

-7 Inch In Car Entertainment/GPS
-6 Surrounding Bose Speaker System

Wheels | Tires | Brakes | Suspension

-Forgestar F14 19×10 19/13 Forged Aluminum Rims
-Michellin Super Cup Pilot Sport Tires 255/35/19Front 305/30/19Rear
-Brembo 2 Pot Front And Single Piston Rear Calipers
-EBC Red Stuff Pads
-Stoptech Slotted Rotors
-Front Upper Control Arms SPL
-Front Tie Rods SPL
-Rear Camber Links SPL
-Rear Mid Links SPL
-Rear Toe Links SPL
-Rear Traction Links SPL
-Neo Motorsport Purple Line Coil Overs
-Neo Motorsport 20MM Rear Spacers
-Eibach Front And Rear Sway Bars And End Links
-Stainless Steel Brake Lines


-Mishimoto Radiator
-Mishimoto Thermostat
-Mishimoto Oil Cooler
-Kinetix Intake Manifold
-Injen Cold Air
-Motordyne 5/16 Thermo Plenum Spacer
-NGK Iridium Plugs (For Tuning And Future Boost Applications)
-Upgraded Nismo Dual Fans
-Tomei Headers
-AMS Test Pipes
-Invidia Cat-Back Exhaust
-AMS Race Pulley Set
-Haltech Pro Stand Alone Fuel Management System


– RS Tuning
– AutoMotoFoto

Shout Outs/Special Thanks

“I want to thank my affiliations: for all the kindness and welcoming they’ve shown me.

My car crew, Team Onpoint, full of friends I consider brothers.

Giancarlo and Adam from Automotofoto for the laughs and help through the build. What’s a sponsorship if the company is full of jack****s? I like being surrounded by good people.

ReStyleIt For the complete makeover of my car with absolutely AMAZING customer service.

My friends for not letting me keep this daily driver stock… (I had to buy an Acura RSX to drive around on days with bad weather… Thanks Tim Knight…)

Most of all I wanted to give a huge shout out/Special thanks to my tuner Radek Kilarski from RS tuning.

The most humble (especially for the knowledge and experience) and down to earth guy I’ve ever met. I actually stumbled across the shop by accident with my G35 and I will never take any other performance vehicle I own to another person, as long as I own one. He does a remarkable job and treats every car like his very own, if not even better. His passion and love for this industry is what delivers, and it shows from mild street cars that he’s built and tuned like my G to his totally bonkers, balls-to-the-wall R32 GT-R, which will be terrorizing the last CSCS event this September. I plan on helping him market the crap out of RS in the future because, contrary to some peoples’ belief, there are some very good car builders and tuners in Toronto. Thankfully I stumbled upon RS looking for another shop in the area.

Oh, and thanks to Maple Nissan for all the help and service with their alignment rig.  With every other week changing suspension arms, they’ve seen me more than once. If you’re ever in the area and need service/sales help, stop by and see Edison Wong. Not only will he take care of your car but he will make you laugh hysterically in the process.”

Future Modifications

“By this time next year the car will have a full motor build, including: Internals, machining, polishing, and either a Vortech V3 intercooled blower or a custom Turbonetics turbo system from my big brother at RS Tuning.

To finish it off, I’m going to do one serious interior mod that will include a rear bench delete/Front racing seats and harness.”