Neon Street King: Gary’s Alpha12 GT-R


In the short few years since it arrived on the scene, Nissan’s R35 GT-R has been widely adopted as a platform for seriously high-powered street cars. Just when you think you’ve seen every possible combination of colour, fitment and engine build in Japan’s powerhouse, something like Gary’s fluorescent yellow GT-R rolls up and changes the game. Immediately evident is the tuner-styling, compliments of one of the brightest wraps by RestyleIt we’ve ever seen, but there’s more to this rendition of Godzilla than first meets the eye.


With a colour like this, you see the car coming for miles. Almost as quickly as you see it, you’re going to hear it. No, really. You are going to hear it. It doesn’t matter if your soundproof windows are up, and your music is on. If you don’t hear the exhaust note, you’re still going to feel it shake you down to your core. We suppose that’s just a natural side-effect of pushing well in excess of 1200 horses. Oh, did we mention that part? It’s as fast as it is yellow.



Pop the hood, and you’re met with enough high-end go-fast goodies to make even the most seasoned tuners stop and stare. The Alpha12 turbo kit, seen only by the tell-tale “ALPHA” on the intercooler when the hood is down,  is just the beginning on this four-figure-horsepower beast. Immediately noticeable is the big and beautiful Boost Logic intake manifold, often hailed by GT-R enthusiasts as the best flowing intake manifold on the market. If you’ve got a keen eye for aftermarket GT-R parts, you might also notice a handful of T1 Racing Development odds and ends. The best part is the motor itself. From factory, the GT-R comes with a 3.8 V6. This one has been built to a 4.1 custom stroker engine made partially with chromoly, a durable high carbon steel. That extra bit of displacement in the built motor makes for some big power gains, and is capable of sustaining up to 1800 horsepower as is. At its current tune, Gary’s GT-R is putting out around 1276 horses at the wheels. That’s more than double the GT-R’s factory power.


All of that power is useless unless you can put it down. Gary’s transmission is one of four in the world fully built with Dodson Motorsports gears that are capable of handling 2000 horsepower gear-banging in those blink-of-an-eye shifts delivered by the GT-R’s paddles. The car maintains grip throughout the explosions of power with the help of M&H Racemasters, some of the meatiest tires we’ve ever seen on the GT-R, wrapped around a set of 18″ CCW C10s – one of the only tire options with enough clearance for the brakes.



To shave weight off of the GT-R’s relatively heavy platform, Gary put his car on the carbon diet. The dry carbon GT3 race hood not only saves weight, but adds a lot of dimension to the GT-R’s already fairly aggressive looks. The stylish duckbill trunk courtesy of RevoZport Racing Technology is also carbon, as are the mirrors and the roof panel.



This kind of power output comes at a price, albeit a small one to pay for the pleasure of driving such a magnificent beast. The wrap is impossible to keep clean on the bottom half of the rear, and those black panels above the exhaust aren’t just for style – they’re to stop the flames from the exhaust from melting the paint underneath.


With the exception of a cool little integrated radar system and an access port, the interior of Gary’s Black Edition GT-R remains the same it did on the showroom floor. According to Gary, the interior wasn’t the focus of the car at all. It was made to go fast. With a cabin layout like that of the Black Edition, there isn’t much we would change, anyway.



By a stroke of luck, another GT-R Black Edition owner happened to be nearby during our shoot, and we were presented with a great photo opportunity. Having the two side-by-side is a great time to admire the differences, and the journey Gary embarked on to reach this point with his build. It’s pretty crazy to think that this fluorescent yellow GT-R is more than double the power of its factory-spec counterpart.

As far as fast cars go, Gary’s GT-R is definitely up there. It’s undoubtedly one of the fastest on the road in our country, and we love it. He set out on a mission to get his dream car and make it his own, and he’s done a damn good job of doing it. There’s something about a purely function-built tuner icon like the GT-R that sits just right with us.

The Specs

Gary Dhillon
 Toronto, Ontario, Canada
2012 Nissan GT-R Black Edition + Alpha 12
Horsepower: 1276 WHP @ 7800 RPM
Torque: 1105 WTQ
Dyno Type: Dynojet


– Satin Flourescent yellow wrap
– Dry carbon gt3 gtc race hood
– RevoZport carbon duckbill trunk
– Carbon fiber roof
– Carbon fiber mirrors


– Integrated radar system
– Ear plugs for passengers

In Car Entertainment


Wheels | Tires | Brakes | Suspension

-18 inch CCW C10s
– Alcon J Hooks
– MX72 pads
– M and H Racemaster Tires.
– 275/45/18 Front
– 345/45/18 Rear


– Custom 4.1 Chromoly Stroker Motor
– Sonny Bryant Crank
– Alpha 12 Turbo Kit + Full Package
– Boost Logic Intake Manifold
– Miscellaneous T1 Racing Development Parts
– Dodson Motorsports Gears and Transmission.



Shout Outs/Special Thanks

“Thanks to Adam of AutoMotoFoto for the coverage. I appreciate the opportunity!”

“Special thanks to my builder and close friend Nathan Samuels – owner of Apex Motoring and in association with Tires23. Not only is Nate the AMS and Dodson certified dealer and builder, he is also a GTR tech via Nissan and there is no one who knows these cars inside out like Nate does. Big shout out to him for putting such a flawless big build together – there is no one who has touched/worked on my car since I purchased it in 2011 other then Nate as I personally don’t think anyone is as skilled and informed about these cars as him. “
“Special thanks to Marco @ Magnus Motorsports for his tuning and dyno service.”

Future Modifications

– Super 99 Turbo Kit from ETS or Equivalent turbo system
– Aiming for 7 seconds at the track and close to 2000 WHP