Marussia B2


In the world of super cars there are only a handful of brands that exist thanks to incredible feats of engineering and partially due to their racing pedigree. Most have heard of names such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, and McLaren throughout the years, but as of recent a few fresh-faced companies have come to existence providing an alternative to the go-fast wealthy crowd who can afford them. Such company names include Pagani, Fisker Automotive, and now Marussia. Founded in 2007 by three partners each with their own unique contribution to Russia’s first super car brand that includes an ex-racing driver, brand strategist, and technology developer.

The Marussia B2 is the second creation from Marussia Motors first debuted at the Frankfurt International Motor Show. Later that year the newly developed super car brand took partnership in what was then the Virgin Racing Formula 1 and now called the Marussia F1 Team. With racing now a part of the Marussia’s story, the brand pushed forward with its super car creating only 500 units for sale.

Powering the B2 are two engine choices, the first is a Cosworth 2.8-liter turbocharged V6 that produces upwards of 420bhp allowing the 1,100kg super car to spring from 0-60mph in just 3.8-seconds. The second engine is the milder choice being a naturally aspirated 3.5-liter V6 with 300bhp.

The radical design of the B2 is due to extensive research with aerodynamics in that despite the presumed low power out put of 420 horsepower for a super car, the vehicle is capable of reaching 190mph! Love it or hate it, the B2 is an incredible machine for the things that it can do and looks so different from the norm that it will get heads turning if ever on the street.

As of early May 2012, Marussia announced that its production of the B2 will be moved from Moscow, Russia to Finland. The Russian super car will be produced by Valmet Automotive Inc. (producers of the Fisker Karma) in order to fulfill all 500 pre-orders placed in less than a 12-month period. With the price starting at $130, 460 (USD) the choice for the lucky few to own this unique super car of a limited edition is undoubtedly an easy one. Surely the Marussia B2 will never gain the following of other European exotics like the Pagani Zonda or McLaren MP4-12C, but it definitely sends a warning shot to those big name companies. Marussia truly is the new kid on the block, but with its dedication to all things performance (especially when boasting ownership of a Formula 1 racing team) it is no doubt that this brand will continue to exist and create even more radically designed super cars – KUDOS!

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Words: Giancarlo Pawelec
Photos: Marussia

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