Juiced: Suzuki GSX-R600 Turbo


First introduced in 1992 by Suzuki, the GSX-R600 was all the rage with its water-cooled 4-cylinder engine. Fast forward a decade and the neo-age of the GSX-R series has come a long way both in terms of performance and styling with the 4th generation. The single triangular headlight, more powerful 600cc engine and its signature Suzuki racing blue colour scheme and it is no wonder why it is easily one of the most popular sport bikes to date.

Jason Antonucci of Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada is no stranger to the two-wheel world having been riding since an early age. Having acquired this 2002 Suzuki GSX-R600 just over 6-years ago, his need for speed is without question his main motive behind its build process resulting in what is now one of the few turbocharged GSX-Rs in Canada – let alone North America.

Built by MT Motorsport, the bike’s overhaul has taken some time with odds and ends added on a monthly basis. Up front is a custom gauge cluster consisting of a KOSO RX-2N multi-function digital tach with two AEM gauges (boost and wideband) on either side. Just above is a Sportech Chrome series windscreen finishing up the already sleek front-end.

From the side profile, it is evident to see that this GSX-R is far from stock thanks to the custom 8” billet swing arm extension and blue EK-520 chain. A set of flush mount turn signals clean up the limited edition OEM blue / silver fairings.

For controls, it was an easy choice in way of a set of Pazzo Racing blue adjustable levers and blue aluminum hand grips engraved with the GSX-R logo.

The stance of this juiced Suzuki is simply awesome. The front has been lowered by 2-inches for a more hunkered-down look while the rear was treated to a custom 900lb Eibach rear spring.

The heart of the beast is what hides beneath the fairing in way of a Garrett T28 turbocharger matted to a custom MT Motorsport exhaust manifold. Air is sucked into a custom intake plenum where it is fed fuel through a set of RC Engineering 450cc fuel injectors. Thanks to a MicroSquirt V3 standalone unit and a tune by MT Motorsport, this once fast GSX-R600 put down an incredible 180rwhp @ 8psi of boost!

Planting the power down is thanks to super sticky Dunlop SportMax Q2 tires, of which the rear is a 200-series mounted on a GSX-R1000 rim. Finishing off the rear is a sleek custom colour-matched fiberglass under tail complete with custom taillights and signals.

From the moment that Antonucci fires up this juiced GSX-R, it is clear that it isn’t your average crotch rocket. Endless hours of customization and dedication put this Suzuki in a league of its own, making even any 1000cc sport bike weep in shame with its 180whp! Low, mean and more muscles than the man from Brussels – this boosted two-wheeler has all the right boxes checked off.

Words & Photos: Giancarlo Pawelec

The Specs

Jason Antonucci
Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada
2002 Suzuki GSX-R600
180 rwhp @ 8psi
92 ft-lbs
Club / Team Affiliation:
MT Motorsport / AutoMotoFoto.net


– 2002 OEM Suzuki Blue / Silver Limited Edition Colour Scheme
– Custom Billet Aluminum Lowering Links
– 8” Billet Swing Arm Extension
– EK-520 Chain (Blue)
– Custom Colour-Matched Fiberglass Under Tail with Custom Taillights and Signals
– Front Flush-Mount Signals
– Pazzo Racing Blue Adjustable Levers
– Billet Aluminum GSX-R Hand Grips (Blue)
– MT Motorsport Custom Dash / Gauge Cluster
– KOSO RX-2N Multi-Function Digital Tach
– 6,000K HIDs
– Sportech Chrome Series Windscreen

Wheels / Tires / Brakes / Suspension

– GSX-R1000 Rear Wheel

– (F) Dunlop SportMax Q2 120/70R17
– (R) Dunlop SportMax Q2 200/50R17

– Goodrich Stainless Steel Braided Brake Lines

– 2” Lowered Front
– Eibach Custom 900 lbs Rear Spring


– (4) RC Engineering 450cc Fuel Injectors
– MicroSquirt V3 Standalone Engine Management Tuned @ 8psi by MT Motorsport
– GM 3-bar Map Sensor
– OEM Suzuki Fuel Pump Assembly
– MT Motorsport Custom Intake Plenum
– GM Air Temp Sensor (in Plenum)
– GReddy Type S Blow-off Valve
– Garrett T28 Turbocharger 0.64 A/R Exhaust Housing
– MT Motorsport Custom Exhaust Manifold
– AEM Wideband Controller
– AEM Digital Boost Gauge
– TiAL 38mm External Wastegate
– 3-inch Custom Exhaust with Divorced Wastegate Dump
– GSX-R1000 Clutch Springs
– MT Motorsport Turbo Oil Scavenger Pump System


– MT Motorsport (www.mtmotorsport.ca)
– AutoMotoFoto.net
– Kingsview Home Improvements Ltd (www.kingsviewhomeimprovements.com)

Special Thanks

– Tim and Matt of MT Motorsport for building my dream bike and AMF for always supporting my vision!

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