JDM Jelly: 1991 Nissan Skyline GT-R


Since its introduction back in 1989, the Nissan Skyline GT-R (R32) has become a cult-classic and synonymous with automotive-performance. Originally developed to dominate Group A racing, Nissan’s dream of creating a unique coupe with purebred racing lineage couldn’t get any better than with the BNR32 chassis. Fast forward to today and what you have is a finely tuned 700hp+ specimen owned by Paul Mann of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

1991 Nissan GT-R (72dpi) - GP_AMF-17

Like most Japanese car enthusiasts, Mann always desired to own the beloved Godzilla and one such day his dream came true. In from a port in Japan came this clean silver 1991 Nissan GT-R. Not long after, the R32 went in for surgery only to emerge in a variety forms throughout the years of ownership. The most notable change in this final transformation is the Olympia Blue vinyl wrap done on the factory spark silver metallic paint. Further touches to the front’s exterior include a Saurus carbon fiber lip and a Top Secret carbon bonnet.

1991 Nissan GT-R (72dpi) - GP_AMF-54

Pop open the lightweight bonnet and what’s revealed is an RB26DETT engine that has been overhauled for peak performance and longevity. Leaving the stock N1 block intact, everything else went in way of upgrades including HKS Step 2 264o cams, Greddy cam gears, HKS step 2 valve springs, a multi-angle valve job, ported runners, Greddy intake plenum, Greddy fuel rail, Siemens Deka 780cc injectors, and an AEM water/meth kit. For cranking up the horsepower of the already impressive inline-6 engine, Mann installed twin Garrett GT28RS turbochargers. After a final tune on the Dynojet, the results were amazing: 694 awhp @ 7,800 rpm and 490 ft-lbs @ 7,250 rpm!

1991 Nissan GT-R (72dpi) - GP_AMF-12

With nearly the same power as a Lamborghini Aventador, this GT-R needs sure-footing or risk being another #fail video on YouTube. A combination of trusted Japanese suspension goods keeps this 3,000-pound monster planted and pointed in the right direction. Coilovers are in way of HKS’s HiperMax II with strut / sway bars from Nismo and Cusco. For rollers, Mann has a two-set setup for his R32. For street (as shown) are a set of rare 18-inch Panasport G17 C5C2 wrapped in Nitto Invo rubber and for track, a set of 17-inch Prodrive MT wheels. Stopping power is no challenge for this GT-R, as it is equipped from factory with Brembo brake calipers. The only upgrades necessary were DBA Slotted 4000 series rotors mated to Hawk HP Plus brake pads, and APP SS braided lines.

1991 Nissan GT-R (72dpi) - GP_AMF-35

The cabin of this blue jellybean is a fine balance of function and form. Essential read-outs are through Blitz BLM series gauges (oil temp, oil pressure, exhaust temp, and boost gauge) and fitted into a carbon gauge pod. Controls are through an Italvolanti F1 steering wheel, a Tomei shift knob, and OMP race pedals. Replacing the factory audio system is an Alpine IVA-W200 deck that controls a great audiophile setup.

1991 Nissan GT-R (72dpi) - GP_AMF-49

Holding the driver and passenger securely are leather Status Racing race buckets and Willans 4-point harnesses. For that added measure during spirited street or track driving, Mann had a Cusco D1 6-point chromoly roll cage installed – the best life insurance for any enthusiast and looks great too!

1991 Nissan GT-R (72dpi) - GP_AMF-23

The rear of this GT-R is also nicely tweaked with plenty of carbon fiber at first sight. These bits include a Nismo carbon rear spoiler and AbFlug rear diffuser. The sides are finished with Hasemi MotorSports side spats and the final piece, is one of the rarest – QestJapan LED taillights. In the world of GT-R aficionados, this is the must-have upgrade and who would argue against that?

1991 Nissan GT-R (72dpi) - GP_AMF-50

Rounding out this JDM beauty is an audio system that is neatly enclosed alongside a race-spec fueling system. Throughout the car there are combination of Alpine speakers ranging from SPR-17LS up front and SPS-69C2 at rear. Installed in the trunk are two Kenwood KFC-W2513PS subwoofers and all powered by two amps. It may not be the most lavish of audio setups, but it delivers the much needed ambiance when the RB26-engine isn’t working hard. Just inches away from the noise makers are a series of anodized fittings and braided fuel lines leading into a FederalRace SwirlPot and fuel pump that provide the vital juice for this 700+ horsepower beast.

1991 Nissan GT-R (72dpi) - GP_AMF-22

As a long standing member in the Canadian tuner scene (specifically amongst GT-R owners), Paul Mann has done what most only dream about – making the already legendary R32 GT-R even better. While most that tend to build these Japanese muscle cars go to the deep-end in way of show or go, Mann has kept things relatively neutral. In-car entertainment for moments of cruising and an array of performance goodies for putting one’s right foot down. Packing an impressive 694 horsepower to all-wheels, what you have here is a wolf in sheep’s clothing or every JDM fan’s ultimate wet dream – either way it’s sure to leave smile on your face.

The Specs

Paul Mann
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
1991 Nissan Skyline GT-R
Horsepower: 694 AWHP @ 7,800 RPM
Torque: 490 ft-lbs @ 7,250RPM
Club / Team Affiliation: Boost Theory


– Ignited HID 4300K Kit
– Nismo Carbon Rear Spoiler
– Nismo Side Skirts
– Nismo Front Air Ducts
– Nismo Bonnet Grill
– EastBear Carbon Mirrors
– Trust Shift Knob
– Saurus Carbon Lip
– Carbon Bumper Guard
– Top Secret Carbon Bonnet
– Top Secret Lock Pins
– 3M Scotchgard Paint Protection Film
– Kics Project R40 NeoChrome Lugnuts
– Silk Road Front Diffuser
– AbFlug Rear Diffuser
– Fujimura Auto Carbon Flap
– Hasemi MotorSports Carbon SideSpats
_ QestJapan LED Taillights
– Olympia Blue Wrap


– Blitz BLM Oil Temp
– Blitz BLM Oil Press
– Blitz BLM Ex Temp
– Blitz BLM Boost Gauge
– Nismo Speedometer
– Nismo Clutch Pedal Bracket
– HKS Turbo Timer
– HKS Floor Mats
– Tomei Shift Knob
– Greddy Water Temp Gauge
– Greddy A-Pillar Gauge Pod
_ Italvolanti F1 Steering Wheel
_ Status Racing CF Leather Seats
– OMP Sliders
– Planted Base
– Status Brackets
– OMP Race Pedals
– Willans 4 point seat harness
– Innovate XD-16 Gauge
– Carbon Dash Gauge Pod
– Super Bright LED Cluster Conversion
– Cusco D1 6 point Chromoly Roll Cage
– Superior Auto Creative Cup Holder
– Superior Auto Creative CF Rear Seat
– Leather Shift and EBrake Boot

In Car Entertainment

– Alpine IVA-W200 Deck
– Alpine SPR-17LS Front Components
– Alpine SPS-69C2 Rear Components
– Alpine MRP-F250 Amplifier
– Kenwood KFC-W2513PS Subs
– Kenwood KAC-8105D Class D Amp

Wheels | Tires | Brakes | Suspension

– Track: Prodrive 17” MT ET Streets
– Show: Panasport G17 C5C2 18″ Nitto Invo
– Novustech Spacers
– Nismo Long Wheel Studs

– Brembo Brake Calipers
– Hawk HP Plus Pads
– DBA Slotted 4000 Series Rotors
– APP SS Braided Brake Lines

– HKS HiperMax II Coilovers
– Nismo Front Strut Bar
– Cusco Rear Strut Bar
– Cusco Front Sway Bar
– Cusco Rear Sway Bar
– KTS Aluminum Sub Frame Bushings
– KTS Adjustible Front Upper A-Arms
– KTS Adjustible Tie Rods
– Tomei Hicas Lock E-U
– MoonFace Super Lap Roll Center Adapters
– Silk Road Engine Damper


– 2X  Garrett GT28RS
– HKS Step 2 264o Cams
– HKS Step 2 Valve Springs
– HKS GT Intercooler
– HKS Oil Cap
– Greddy Cam Gears
– Greddy Timing Belt
– Greddy Plenum
– Greddy Profec Boost Controller
– Greddy Oil Filter Relocation Kit
– Greddy Pulley Kit
– Trust Oil Cooler
– Nismo Exhaust Outlet Pipes
– Nismo Mount Kit (Motor and Tranny)
– Nismo Low-Temp Thermostat
– Nismo Rad Cap
– Tomei Oil Restrictor
– Tomei 1.2MM HeadGasket
– Tomei Intake & Exhaust Gaskets
– FederalRace Intercooler Piping
– FederalRace Oil Dipstick
– FederalRace 3 1/2″ SS Intake Piping
– FederalRace Downpipe
– Apex’I PowerFC D-Jetro
– FC Datalogit
– Kakimoto Racing Exhaust
– Blitz Twin Blow-Off Valves
– Cusco Oil Catch Can
– Koyo Aluminum Radiator
– FAL Electric Fans
– FAL Fan Controller
– Samco Rad & Heater Hoses
– AEM Water/Meth Kit
– ARC Titanium Rad Panel
– Taylor Battery Relocation Kit
– Optima Yellow Top Battery
– ARP HeadStuds
– N1 Waterpump
– N1 Oil Pump
– N1 Bottom End
– Gatorback Belts (PS, Alt & WP)
– DHM 3″ Electronic Cutout
– Mild Port & Polish
– Bronze Valve Guide Inserts
– Multi Angle Valve Job
– Ceramic Coated Exhaust Manifolds
– Ported Exhaust Runners
– Ported Intake Runners
– Q45 Throttle Body
– Z32 Modified Throttle Cable
– 120A Alternator
– Splitfire Coilpacks
– Nismo Big Operating Cylinder
– Nismo Braided Clutch Line
– Nismo Clutch Pivot Ball
– ORC 659 Twin Plate Clutch
– BCNR33 Transmission
– Greddy Fuel Rail
– Siemens Deka 780CC Injectors
– Nismo 276LPH Fuel Pump
– FederalRace SwirlPot
– Aeromotive A1000 FPR
– Aeromotive Fuel Filter
– Innovate LC-1 Wideband
– Russell FPG (Liquid Filled)
– Stainless Fuel Lines
– Anodized Fittings

Shout Outs/Special Thanks

– My wife and kids for supporting my passion
– Goldie @ Federal (FTP)
– Ryan & Jimmy @ Monster-Turbo
– Zaheer & Bobby @ Boost Theory

Future Modifications

– There’s many other things to tackle. Future changes to come including my motor setup, big brake kit, and a new color.