JDM Envy: Acura TSX (J’s Racing)


JDM envy – we all have it. It is those one-off type vehicles that everyone dreams to own – let alone build – and here’s one to make you drool. For many enthusiast, the dream of building a purist project car like this Acura TSX is too far from reality. Dave Tsai of Toronto, Ontario, Canada is one enthusiast that has made the unimaginable possible with help from fellow friends and industry leaders. Having owned several tuned machines in his past – ranging from a JUN Racing Subaru STi to a Mazdaspeed RX-8 and even a Euro-tuned E46 M3 – Tsai felt the need to go back to JDM roots and true love of all things Honda.

Before we begin, KUDOS go out to KHF and the crew at LEVEL ONE for this unique Honda-purist build. Got love Dave Tsai rocking the AMF Rainbow Chrome Line Logo decal and showing support!

Starting from the outside in, this Acura TSX (Canadian-model) was transformed into a true JDM machine consisting of the very-best and ubber-rare parts available. Up front, a J’s Racing Type-S front bumper replaces the factory bland unit while sides and rear lip are left JDM Euro-R pieces. Further conversions include JDM Euro-R headlights, badges, window visors, and black window moldings. A pair of J’s Racing Type-S canards finish off the aggressive front-end.

The K24A2 engine was tuned by the veteran Honda pros at Kensai Racing and looks gorgeous with the yellow SPOON Sports valve cover.The K-series engine build consists of SKUNK2 Pro-Series Valves, Valve Springs and Retainer. Further internal upgrades include a set of SKUNK2 Pro-Series stage II camshafts giving this once mild mannered Honda engine a more aggressive performance edge.

Sucking in air into the K24 engine is a J’s Racing carbon intake box that feeds into a RBC Intake Manifold that has been port & polish by Turtle. Hot gasses pass through a MUGEN exhaust header, travels through a J’s Racing cat-killer and out through their 60RS single exhaust system.

With all the engine work done, Tsai had a HONDATA K-Pro ECU tuned by Turtle Tuning. The new K24 setup put down an impressive 248whp @ 8,160rpm and 185lb-ft of torque @ 2,800rpm.

As a demo car for J’s Racing in North America, the fit and finish of every piece is simply perfect. Gotta love the clean and sleek lines of the TSX with J’s Racing aero goods and the striking contrast of the green wheels – tre JDM!

For those that know Dave, rims to him are like jewellery to a women – you can never have enough. For the street, Dave uses a set of 18-inch Volk Racing CE28 rims sprayed in TAKATA green that make a statement. A second set of wheels are swapped for track sprints, which are 17-inch ADVAN Racing RS. Both sets of wheels are wrapped in BFGoodrich rubber with KDWs for daily driving and R1s for racing. Tucked just behind the wheels are a set of SPOON Sports brake calipers matted to Racing Break 2-piece rotors up front and MUGEN rotors at rear.

The perfect stance of this TSX is made possible with the use of ZEAL Function Xs coilovers. Other suspension enhancements be it for street or track use include SPOON Sports upper control arms (front and rear) as well as a set of rear toe control arms. Further chassis strengthening comes in way of a CARBING underbody floor support bar, rear trunk brace and rear bumper bar. A set of Swift Springs Euro-R front and rear sway bars tighten up the TSX during hard cornering alongside J’s Racing strut bars.

At back, Tsai installed a J’s Racing carbon fiber rear diffuser for track-attacks and the must-have racing hooks. Final tweaks include a J’s Racing 4.77 final drive gear set, 1.5-way LSD and JDM Euro-R taillight assembly.

With more JDM goods than a Honda-purists’ wet dream and true dual-functionality (street / track), Dave Tsai’s Acura TSX is one mean machine. Careful attention to detail makes this ride not only unique, but also the perfect showcase for J’s Racing. Be sure to check out this awesome Honda at SEMA as it is slated to be in the J’s Racing booth – is it any wonder? The only question left is, “…with this project complete, what’s next for Dave” – that remains to be seen, but will surely blow the doors of any competition yet again.


Owner: Dave Tsai
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
2006 Acura TSX
248whp @ 8160rpm
185ft-lbs @ 2800rpm
Dyno Type:
Club / Team Affiliation:


– J’s Racing Type-S aero front bumper
– JDM Euro-R side skirts
– JDM Euro-R rear lip
– SPOON Sports rear lip spoiler
– J’s Racing Type-S front bumper canards
– JDM Euro-R window visors
– JDM Euro-R black window moldings
– J’s Racing rear carbon diffuser
– JDM Euro-R badges
– JDM Euro-R headlights
– Ignited 8000K HID Kit
– JDM Euro-R taillights (inner and outer)
– J’s Racing front and rear tow hooks


– JDM Euro-R RECARO front seats
– ARC titanium shift knob
– MUGEN short shifter
– JDM Euro-R pedals & footrest
– Honda Accord all season floor mats
– Defi Oil Temp & Oil Pressure Gauges
– JDM Accord Euro-R air bag
– NRG harness bar
– JDM Accord Euro-R door sills
– TAKATA 4-point harness

In Car Entertainment

– Acura OEM Navigation system

Wheels / Tires

– VOLK Racing Lug Nuts

– VOLK Racing CE28 (18×9, Street)
BFGoodrich KDW (225/40/18, Street)

– ADVAN Racing RS (17X8, Track)
– BFGoodrich R1 (235/40/17, Track)

Brakes / Suspension

– SPOON Sports Mono-Block 4 Pot Calipers
– Racing Break 2-Piece Front Break Rotors
– MUGEN Rear Brake Rotors
– Endless Brake Pads (CCX Front – CCY Rear)
– MUGEN Stainless Steel braided hose set
– Motul Brake Fluid

– J’s Racing Strut Tower Bar
– ZEAL Function Xs Coilovers
– SPOON Sports Adjustable Front Upper Arm Set
– SPOON Sports Adjustable Rear Upper Arm Set
– SPOON Sports Adjustable Rear Toe Control Arm Set
– J’s Racing Fender Braces
– CARBING Rear Trunk Brace
– CARBING Rear Bumper Bar
– CARBING Underbody Floor Support Bars
– Swift Spings Euro-R Front & Rear Sway Bars


– SPOON Sports Valve / Plug Cover
– HONDATA K-Pro ECU (Tuned by Turtle Tuning)
– J’s Racing Radiator Cap
– J’s Racing Oil Cap
– MUGEN Low Temp Thermal Switch
– SPOON Sports Reservoir Covers
– MUGEN Header
– J’s Racing Cat-Killer
– J’s Racing 60RS Single Exhaust
– J’s Racing Carbon Intake
– RBC Intake Manifold (Port & Polish by Turtle)
– P2R Throttle Body Spacer & Gaskets
– HONDATA Intake Manifold Gasket
– Alex Motorports Shift Springs
– J’s Racing Baffle Oil Pan
– HAMP Oil Filter
– SKUNK2 Pro-Series stage II Camshafts
– SKUNK2 Pro-Series Valves, Valve Springs & Retainer
– Shaved Engine Head Ported and Polished
– J’s Racing 4.77 Final Drive
– J’s Racing 1.5 Way LSD
– SPOON Sports Clutch Set
– Earl’s Oil Cooler Kit

Special Thanks

– Yasu at J’s Racing USA
– Alan and Jody at Kensai Racing
– Kenneth Lau aka Turtle at Project Motoring
– Mike and Vince at SHINZOWERKS
– Robert Haggart at BFGoodrich Tires
– The LEVEL ONE crew
– Support from my lovely wife

Words & Photos: Giancarlo Pawelec

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