German Inspiration: BMW E30 Touring


Vincent, the owner of this car is a true automotive enthusiast. I met him a few months ago. Cool and modest guy, he knows what he’s talking about regarding cars, especially BMWs and his car, he did it all for him.

He told me at our first meeting he was preparing a cool BMW station wagon just for fun. Passionate about the German brand it is not his first BMW, but it is certainly the most successful and completed project yet.

Basically it is a 1989 325i Touring edition. With 170HP originally, Vincent wanted a slightly more powerful engine for drift and grip use. He therefore turned to a 3.5L engine taken from a 1988 BMW 7-series. The engine is completely redesigned and tuned as required. Before installing the engine, Vincent took the opportunity to bring a touch of colour to the engine bay. Once the engine was in place, it ensures that the engine compartment looks as clean as possible and we can surely agree that it is a success – nothing is sticking out and to get an even cleaner look, the battery was removed to the inside of the car.

The interior has been completely stripped with the aim to make the car as light as possible. It was then painted with the same orange as the engine bay. The factory dashboard is still in place, but the OEM steering wheel is replaced by a smaller one made by the Italian brand MOMO and two OMP racing seats take place of the original ones. The impressive roll cage you see is the work of Vincent himself, as well as the aluminium front-doors panels! This boy is really good with his hands. Vincent believes he saved an easy 100kg with the extensive race-car diet.

Moving onto the suspension of the car. First the car is literally dropped through a set of XYZ Coilovers (-100mm). H&R stabilizer bars are up front (22mm) and at rear (18mm). The brake system is optimised by four perforated Zimmerman discs with EBC Red Stuff (front) and DS2500 (rear) pads. Finally, 18-inch Belini wheels are installed to complete this project.

You’ll understand that aesthetics is not the real priority for Vincent. He prefers a car that works hard. The only part installed is a 325is front lip and also the tinted black rear lights.

Since the photo shoot, Vincent has installed a big “BMC like” carbon air-box with a direct vent mounted in the front bumper. Vincent wants to lay new paint for his car, but before that he only wants to enjoy his latest toy, ride with his friends and improve his drift skills.

The Specs

Owner (First Name / Last Name): Vincent
Location (City, Province / State, Country):
Lyon, Rhône-Alpes, France
Vehicle (Year, Make, Model, Version):
1989 BMW 325i E30 Touring
Horsepower (i.e. 500hp @ 8,500rpm):
Club / Team Affiliation:


–        BMW325is front lip
–        Tinted black rear light
–        Fiberglass hood


–        Custom roll-cage
–        Custom aluminum front doors panel
–        MOMO steering wheel
–        OMP race seats
–        Hydraulic eBrake

Wheels / Tires / Brakes / Suspension

–        18” Belini wheels painted white
–        Zimmerman brake rotors
–        (Front) EBC Red Stuff brake pads
–        (Rear) DS2500 brake pads
–        XYZ Coilovers (-100mm drop)



–        1988 BMW 7-Series 3.5L Engine

Special Thanks


Future Modifications

–        New paint

Words & Photos: William Guillon

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